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Battle for Azeroth Release Date Announced

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The long anticipated newest expansion to Blizzard Entertainments hugely successful MMO-RPG World of Warcraft finally has a release date.

Most speculation amongst the community at large had placed it towards the later end of the year but Blizzard have surprised me and probably a good number of other fans by releasing the newest expansion, Battle for Azeroth on the 14th of August 2018.

In this expansion, with the looming inter-dimensional threat of the Legion vanquished, the time travelling Iron Horde broken and every other possible external threat pacified for now, the two largest factions on Azeroth turn their sights on each other. With events throughout Legion acting as a catalyst, full out war has erupted between the Horde and the Alliance. Players will gain access to new zones and new playable races in this latest expansion.

I have had the great luck to be participating in the Alpha and so far my impression is overwhelmingly positive. I’m trying not to spoil to much of the story for myself but I also want to help Blizzard make the best possible version of this game so testing away I am.

For further information and to pre-purchase your digital edition, follow the link below.

Take a look at Blizzard’s Amazon store by clicking the image below for physical copy purchases 🙂

You can find copies of Battle Of Azeroth on Amazon AU by clicking on the game image above


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