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Borderlands 3 Australian Release Date

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The Borderlands 3 Australian release date is September 13 2019.Gearbox Software and 2K says that Borderlands 3 will launch worldwide on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC on the Epic Games store.

Gearbox Software President and CEO Randy Pitchford said in relation to the announcement; “For the past several years, the team at Gearbox Software has been devoting every ounce of our passion, creativity and love into making Borderlands 3 the biggest, baddest and most ambitious Borderlands adventure we’ve ever made. Borderlands 3 is being crafted not only as a love letter to fans of the series, but also as an ideal entry point for new players to jump-in alone or cooperatively, on or off-line, in the latest and greatest installment of the definitive best-in-class benchmark shooter-looter.”

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