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BREAKING NEWS: Something Strange is happening to The Sims 4

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Strange things are happening to The Sims 4. Mysterious posts and a new teaser, it seems The Sims team have been INVADED!


This morning The Sims 4 twitter posted this trailer teaser for an announcement happening tomorrow. No context and no information. Smiling Soldiers? Are they possessed? Something strange sure is happening…


If this wasn’t creepy enough what happened next was a series of “invasion of the body snatchers” type posts in ASCII fonts.


Sightings, speculation and predictions have already started for what tomorrow’s announcement could be. It might be a new Game Pack, or perhaps a new Expansion Pack? No new information has been confirmed by the devs in their current sentient state — however, the hordes on twitter are beaming at the idea of new Sims 4 Content.

Aliens, Conspiracy, Strangetown (referencing The Sims 2 world), Military and so much more. Hopefully, all will be revealed in the trailer tomorrow morning.

What a great way to create hype for a new release and I, for one, welcome our new overlords.










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