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Doctor Who: Series 6 review

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Series 6: What was it about?

Doctor who series 6 takes a look at the threat of the silence under the tag line “silence will fall” which is the main aim of this series story arc. Uncovering the mystery of this silence, what is their purpose? Who are they? What do they want with the Doctor?

Below is a trailer for series 6 of Doctor who

The story

Throughout this season there are many ups and downs with episodes in terms of how well they fit into the main story arc but also how they ended up for the series. There are some episodes like “the girl who waited” that stand out as of a higher quality while others such as “night terrors” which left a feeling like quite possibly they are out of place.

This season also contained the themed episodes common of doctor who such as “the curse of the black spot” a pirate themed episode similar to series 5’s “vampires in Venice”.

Overall there are things Doctor who does well I think and things it does not. I think it does aliens well of course it does it’s the main thing (Daleks, Cybermen etc) it does timeline episodes well like this seasons episode “the girl who waited” or maybe you could even count the finale and story arc of the frozen time in “The wedding of River Song”. But what I think Doctor who does not do well especially is the monster episodes such as in “the night terrors” and “the God complex”.

I think particularly in “Night terrors” but it may extend to the “God complex” episode is that the idea of the monsters for these episodes and the way the show depicts them as scary are not really as so for an adult audience. Being a family show I feel that it leaves out many demographics that may be watching the show. It seemed to me that these episodes were particularly aimed at the children segment of the show’s audience and in “Night terrors” it shows the most. What’s annoying about this is that it makes the show change audience and feel just for an episode while then changing back for the others and I think it weakens the series as whole. Some how a child can be so scared that the Doctor in his TARDIS can hear him all the way on the other side of the galaxy and through time?? It does push belief just a bit.

But what does this season do well? For me the best episode by far is the “Girl who waited”. It spends so much time just developing the Amy and Rory characters and their relationship throughout which for most of the season was fairly sidelined. It makes good use of being lost in different time zones and draws out the complexities of time travel/zones for people and how it interacts. Even though Amy can be saved the future Amy will be lost, all she has accomplished and done as if it didn’t happen. It has a sadness to it of someone or something the Doctor can’t really control and that’s time. He can only travel through it but like everyone else he is a victim to the effects time has on himself and his companions.

Another notable episode is “the doctor’s wife” which takes you into a TARDIS based story in which you get to see the TARDIS interact with the doctor after a foul villain caused the TARDIS conscience to be placed inside a human like body. The dynamics in this episode between the Doctor and his wife (The TARDIS) are interesting while Amy and Rory struggle to find their way in the TARDIS maze. In the maze Amy and Rory and their relationship/trust are brought into question and tested as they try to find their way out. It’s a good episode filled with mixed metaphors and symbolism and one of the best for series 6.

As for the story arc for the season it’s interesting to see something else other than old Doctor who villains take the finale spot for the series but it’s also one series that feels far less grand in its ending but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It is suspenseful throughout and does have its high point (The Doctor lies) and the low points (River Song, simply is just forced in the season throughout). But overall the story holds up well.

Why is River Song a low point? River Song I believe is constantly forced onto the audience I think to make us all think something big and interesting is about to happen and she knows it, but can’t tell us. Reason why? Because of spoilers. It’s not good to know about your own timeline even though it seems to happen all throughout the season. Another reason I think River Song is a let down is that because she keeps entering the show here and there she takes up the position of the companions (Amy and Rory) who are meant to be helping the Doctor. While in the episodes where she is gone Amy and Rory are sidelined and don’t add much at all to the episode as it’s mainly focused on the Doctor such as in “Night terrors’, “Closing time” (they aren’t even in this one). In fact apart from the “Almost people” double and the “Girl who waited” there isn’t much in character development at all for the two companions. Other episodes focus on River Song and slowly questions are answered but she just keeps popping up.

The sound

As always the show sounds good the effects for the weapons, the TARDIS noises the space ship noises are all there. All present and well done. The themes are also good for the show even though the Doctor theme is slightly overused I think it’s in every episode this series. It’s still a good theme. Although maybe they could do with more of mix but I guess that’s the difference between TV and film. They can have different music everywhere.

Although with such a good orchestral theme as the one above why wouldn’t you over use it?

The acting

Good, good, good. Not really much to complain about for the series there isn’t really anybody who appears to be a bit weak like in other TV shows. Matt Smith (11th Doctor) is superb in every episode even to the extent of how he moves. Even the foot placement most noticed when there is two of him in “the Rebel flesh”. The glances so subtle but not without meaning from Arthur Darvill (Rory) every time that Amy favours the Doctor more there is just a hint of jealousy and question. While Amy (Karen Gillan) does well as the companion as well, always helping the doctor reach his best.

Overall acting is of good quality and voice acting for the various aliens and things is something of standard for the show now.


All together when looking at the series as a whole it was good. I don’t think it was the greatest of Doctor who years for all the years its been on the air. But it was acceptable apart from a few gripes from some episodes it was overall entertaining to watch especially for the major plot based episodes. Although I think it did struggle at times to develop the characters as it should it seemed to be the goal of the season to focus on the Doctor and River. But it’s certainly worth watching.

For more Doctor Who this week there will be more reviews for episodes in series 7 in the coming days. So be sure to check back on Resident Entertainment for more.


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  1. Jennifer

    December 31, 2012 at 8:51 am

    river song is the worst doctor who character since turlough and adric. I don’t know where she came from or what they are thinking. I hope she dies even sooner then her established death and even when she first appeared I didn’t care she died at all. If she is in the next couple of episodes I’m going to stop watching I just don’t get why they keep putting her in there. I would be happier if they just stopped writing her in and I don’t care that her story isn’t properly finished either

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