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Dragon Ball Super Episode 116 Review

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There Are Some Spoilers In Our Dragon Ball Super Episode 116 Review

So the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super just aired and in this one Goku continues with his fight against Kefla. Kefla is pushing Goku to all new limits, but will he have the stamina to stay in the fight and beat her?

In last week’s episode we were left at a point in the fight where Goku was almost about to be defeated while in his Super Saiyan blue form, but at the last moment he managed to re-awaken his ultra instinct form which we saw him use for the first time against Jiren a few episodes ago.

I’ve always thought that Ultra Instinct would be the form that would win the tournament and that mastering it will allow Goku to defeat Jiren. In this episode I think we do see a little of the beginning of that. But more surprisingly I thought, was that Kefla was able to stay in the fight against an Ultra Instinct Goku for so long. Kefla, Caulifla and Kale are all truly amazing warriors.

Ultra Instinct Goku - Dragon Ball Super Episode 116 Review

Ultra Instinct Goku – Dragon Ball Super Episode 116 Review

What we learn in this episode about Goku and his Ultra Instinct is that for now, he is still trying to master the form. We see him fight against Kefla and hold out quite well against her attacks, throughout the whole episode she never manages to land a single big blow, although does graze Goku a few times during her final attack. But Goku’s strength at the moment in this form is that he’s mastered or seems to have at least mastered the defence component of it. When it comes to attacking he hasn’t yet mastered that, his hits aren’t that strong and Kefla is able to stay in the fight because his attacks have no effect.

Whis spends some time pointing out Goku’s weakness with his attack to us in the audience. I suppose he can see this better than anyone as he has trained both Goku and Vegeta and I think it has always been his plan to get them into this state since his first appearance in the series. Maybe he knew a tournament like this might occur, or maybe he has some other reason. But Goku reaching this form now is the direct result of the training with Whis and Vegeta. Vegeta realises this as well in this episode and vows to get Ultra Instinct himself some day. I had thought he maybe had a new form for himself for a while, but I guess he doesn’t.

The fight between Goku and Kefla spans for the entire episode. All in all, when considering the last few episodes with Kefla, Caulifla and Kale all fighting against Goku. I think this is one of the biggest and most powerful Saiyan v Saiyan battles in the series. The power levels in this episode raised by both Goku and Kefla are beyond what we’ve seen for the whole series, it really is a new level for the show.

Super Saiyan Kefla - Dragon Ball Super Episode 116 Review

Super Saiyan Kefla – Dragon Ball Super Episode 116 Review

Of course, Goku is really a step above Kale in his Ultra Instinct form. Not being able to get close to him at all, she decides to put all her power into one final attack which sends laser beams of energy all throughout the arena, knocking back anyone who might be close. Some of these beams actually do graze Goku in his form while he is trying to attack. I think this is maybe showing that when he’s attacking, his mind is thinking without using his instincts as he should. Eventually Goku uses the Kamehameha attack on Kefla and knocks her out of the arena. All in all it was a great fight, I was very impressed with what Kefla could do and I imagine there’s some debate out there as to whether she’s stronger than Vegito.

Towards the end of the episode Goku powers down, having now run out of stamina and used all his energy. Frieza is still standing quite tall and unchallenged. Frieza does remark that Goku needs to keep getting stronger and needs to keep working for him, I do wonder what Frieza’s plan might be going forward. He is surprisingly fighting very few people. Also when looking at next week’s preview it seems that Goku is attacked by some of the remaining Universe 2 fighters and the Androids come to his aid, where did Frieza even go?

Overeall this was a great episode and marked the end of the battle between the Universe 6 Saiyans and the Universe 7 ones. With Kefla now out of the game, there’s only the Namekians left to defend Universe 6. As I do love the characters from Universe 6 quite a lot now, I do hope that the Namekians don’t get knocked off soon because will that mean all these great characters are out of the show for good, or will Vegeta be able to wish them all back?

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