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Dragon Ball Super Episode 117 Review

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There Are Some Spoilers In Our Dragon Ball Super Episode 117 Review – Discussion

So episode 117 of Dragon Ball Super just went to air this week. In this one Goku is left tired and without stamina after winning his fight last week with Kefla. Now left wandering around the arena without much energy and no support, Universe 2 decides to focus in on Goku while he’s weak. Will Goku survive this one?

As is the case with much of Universe 2 who are known to focus on love for their power, love is the theme spread throughout the entirety of the episode. The theme is present in multiple scenes between various characters. It’s an interesting change of pace for a show which is usually about strength, power, courage and persistence. Which character is fighting for love the most or the most genuine love for someone else other than their own self? That’s what this episode is all about.

Ribrianne and Rozie are ready to spread their love! - Dragon Ball Super Episode 117 Review

Ribrianne and Rozie are ready to spread their love! – Dragon Ball Super Episode 117 Review

Before Goku is attacked, we do get to see a little bit around the arena at the moment and learn what some of the other fighters are up to. Vegeta interestingly is no longer fighting Toppo and has now encountered the character we’ve seen in a few episodes now that has a very special suit. Interestingly Vegeta tries to see if he can activate Goku’s Ultra Instinct power on his own while battling his opponent, but he isn’t able to do it. I guess this scenes does dispell any thought that fans might have that Vegeta has another transformation beyond blue and also it proves he is no where near Ultra Instinct just yet. But maybe one day might. Although his opponent lands a few punches, he’s no match and Vegeta seems easily able to deal with him.

Just before the androids come in to save Goku from Universe 2, we see a scene between 17 and 18. 17 notices that her leg is wounded and starts to help her. They are both brother and sister and scene is an example of love between the siblings and follows the theme for this episode. Both 17 and 18 work together to take out both Ribrianne and Rozie and do very well together.

Much of the scenes for the fight in this episode are focused on Android 18. Ribrianne questions how she can love Krillin who is bald and not beautiful at all. But Ribrianne in her form is unable to defeat 18 and 17, with Rozie being knocked out of the match quite quickly. Eventually Ribrianne returns to her base form, Brianne. Similar to when Frieza was defeated back in the film, she’s on the ground and all is lost. But at the last moment Brianne strikes the ground and manages to land an attack on 18 called the “Big Armour” and binds her there. Ribrianne later receives some love from her friends on the sidelines, similar to how Goku gains energy for his spirit bomb and she uses it to transform into a giant being.

It’s here when things seem a little lost for 18 that she remembers what she’s is truly fighting for. Unlike she states earlier in the series that she’s doing it for the money and only for herself, it’s not her true motivation. We see 18 in her last moments gain inspiration to fight and more energy for the battle from her love for her family. This drives her forward to break out of the “Big Armour” and strike at Ribrianne. 18 shows us that her love for her her family is true and is stronger than the superficial things that Ribrianne talks about when she talks about love. The Android’s love wins out in the end and with a little help from 17, the two are able to take Ribrianne out.

Android 18 dodging Ribrianne's attack - Dragon Ball Super Episode 117 Review

Android 18 dodging Ribrianne’s attack – Dragon Ball Super Episode 117 Review

With both Ribrianne and Rozie out of the tournament, there’s only a few warriors left for Universe 2 and honestly I don’t think they’re very strong at all. Things aren’t looking good for that Universe. Universe 6 only has the Namekians left, who are in battle with Gohan and Piccolo but the fight looks to be very close. I wonder what might be the result of that one?

Overall this was a nice episode with an interesting theme and message to it about love. Android 18 hasn’t really had an episode focus on her at all this tournament and hasn’t had any big moments since her time with Krillin very early on. It’s nice to see both 18 and 17 battle it out in the tournament this week. But this week’s action was no where near as intense as what we had last week with Goku v Kefla. But episode 117 has a much nicer theme to it and I’m sure many people are happy to see Ribrianne finally out of the tournament.


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