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Dragon Ball Super Episode 119 Review

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There Are Some Spoilers In Our Dragon Ball Super Episode 119 Review – Episode Discussion

So the 119th episode of Dragon Ball Super just aired and this week, Goku and the remaining members of Universe 7 face off against some new threats, this time from Universe 4.

I have noticed in the series arc so far, that each time a Universe was wiped out, or the episode was a little sad in the end or had a darker tone, then the following episode would be a little lighter. I think we do see that here yet again with these Universe 4 fighters. Rather than being the overpowered type, like Kefla or Ribrianne were, they were instead the more trickier type of fighter.

We see Vegeta nearly kicked off the arena early on by an invisible warrior that he can’t see or sense. It takes time for our Universe 7 warriors to figure out what’s going on and a few of them, such as Android 18, Piccolo and Gohan are hit, Gohan himself being almost knocked out of the arena.

Piccolo is out of the tournament - Dragon Ball Super Episode 119 Review

Piccolo is out of the tournament – Dragon Ball Super Episode 119 Review

This is where I guess Gohan and Piccolo shine the most, they fight with their mind more than the others and quickly come up with a strategy to cover everything in dust. The invisible warrior, once covered in dust is no longer invisible. This allows them to fight him and take him out quickly.

Universe 4 also tries to use some more more tricks, with an illusionist stepping up to fight Gohan and Piccolo, but they just can’t be tricked and that fighter is quickly dispatched of.

The last warrior of Universe 4 is a tiny bug that is super strong. The bug attacks Goku and 17 and actually does knock Piccolo from the arena, eliminating him from the tournament. All the fighters were initially confused, thinking it was another invisible person so they couldn’t hit them when they were near. But it was a tiny bug that was fast and hard to shoot.

17 eventually figures out how to beat the bug though and he and Goku team up and take him out rather quickly. Just like that, Universe 4 is gone.

But unlike last week’s Universe erasure, there wasn’t really a sad feeling to it. I guess Quitella isn’t really a character many would relate to and his Universe 4 fighters were much less developed than others in the past. Going away with threats to harm other people, doesn’t go down too well either. I doubt these characters will be missed, unlike Universe 6’s were last week which I think were much more loved. Universe 4 just doesn’t have many positives to any of it.

Next week’s preview sees us witness what Universe 3 and their remaining warriors can do. Judging by the narration from Gohan in the preview it might just be a big episode for him. Will he be able to win though? Or is it his time to go?

Overall, this was a more fun episode and it was really light and easy. No overpowered fights, but we did get a couple of tricks and gimmicks from Universe 4. Next week looks to be about the same as this one, I guess the big episodes will be when the fighters meet up with Jiren’s Universe yet again.

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