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Dragon Ball Super Episode 122 Review

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There Are Some Spoilers In Our Dragon Ball Super Episode 122 Review – Post Episode Discussion

So the first episode of Dragon Ball Super for 2018 just aired and this one sees Goku and the remaining Universe 7 warriors face off against the remaining warriors of Universe 11.

This is a big episode, not just because it’s the first one of the year, but also because it is I think the start of the final stretch for the tournament arc. While many fights have been great so far, particularly Goku v Kefla and Goku v Jiren round one, these are all nothing compared to what I’m expecting out the final stretch of this tournament.

In the start of the episode before our warriors start fighting we see the Universe 6 angel already sitting with Universe 7. I think it’s interesting that she went over and sat there with everyone, we know the two universes have been friendly in the past. But maybe there’s something more there. It didn’t matter in the end though, as the Grand Priest ended up moving the seating around and everyone ended up next to each other. I think this will be the start of a lot of awkward tensions between all the sidelined fighters and their Gods and Angels.

The big moments in this episode all went to Vegeta. This is the first time in the tournament we see Vegeta really raise his power to the max as he challenges Jiren. Goku had already been engaged in a fight with Jiren, but it’s a battle royale, so really Vegeta can step in there if he wants to. It’s always interesting though, that the two rarely fight together, Goku rests when Vegeta fights and Vegeta rests when Goku fights.

Vegeta vs Jiren - Dragon Ball Super Episode 122 Review

Vegeta vs Jiren – Dragon Ball Super Episode 122 Review

In this episode I was quite impressed with Vegeta. Unlike Goku during his first fight with Jiren, Vegeta was able to watch Jiren’s movements and was able to read Jiren’s fighting style. This allowed Vegeta to dodge some attacks and land two good blows on Jiren. Beerus does mention that it’s possible Vegeta is nearing Ultra Instinct and possibly he could be, but in this episode he doesn’t quite get there. This is only the first episode of the Jiren fight, so I wouldn’t expect Vegeta to wipe him out that quickly, but his Final Flash attack certainly was I think the strongest blast we’ve seen in the tournament so far. Unfortunately though, Jiren survived it and later beat Vegeta down.

In this episode I was very impressed with Vegeta’s performance, this is in no way the end of him and I think there’s a lot more greatness to come from the character down the line. How long he will be able to hold on, I am not sure, but from looking at next week’s preview it looks like Vegeta is back up again and is fighting alongside Goku.

Vegeta vs Jiren - Dragon Ball Super Episode 122 Review

Vegeta vs Jiren – Dragon Ball Super Episode 122 Review

In this episode we also saw some action from Frieza. Frieza is currently in battle with Dyspo and is unable to hit Dyspo because he is just too fast. It looks like Frieza is struggling a little with Dyspo, but he’s not in his Golden form, so I think the fight may turn around down the line. Unless Frieza isn’t going to go Golden for a while to save his stamina for Toppo or Jiren?

Gohan and 17 are both currently in a fight together against Toppo. While both Gohan and 17 are quite strong, I think they may run into some trouble here. Toppo is a very strong warrior and I just don’t see how Gohan and 17 can take him out. I always have felt that only Frieza, Goku and Vegeta were a match for Toppo. 17 has performed well in the tournament so far, but I don’t see much more for his character to do. Gohan on the other hand hasn’t been so special, so possibly there’s more to come for his character. Due to this I think maybe 17 might be in some trouble and is my prediction for next to go (only because he’s done so much already and is really a more minor character in the show).

Overall this was a great episode of Dragon Ball Super. The animation in this one looked excellent and is on par with what I think was the best animated episode for the arc, the one where Kefla first appeared. It was great to see Vegeta power up and fight Jiren and also the other fighters as well. There’s so much more to come in the arc still and I can’t wait to see how things turn out next week on the show.

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