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Fear The Walking Dead

Fear The Walking Dead: Another Day In The Diamond Review



There Are Spoilers In Our Fear The Walking Dead: Another Day In The Diamond Review – Episode Discussion

So the second episode of the fourth season for Fear The Walking Dead just aired and this one is almost as big an episode as last week’s premiere because while last week’s premiere focused on mainly just Morgan coming into the show, this week sees our focus turns back on the main cast from Fear The Walking Dead that we’ve all come to know and love.

It’s been some time since we’ve seen what they’re all up to, but at the end of last week’s episode we saw that our core group seemed to be in some sort of trouble. All we had to go on was that whatever happened to them was bad and that there were “bad people here” but we didn’t really know what. This episode sees time go back a little to before the encounter of our core characters, with Morgan.

When we first see Alicia, Madison, Nick and Victor. Everything seems pretty good for the group, they’re all living together at a baseball stadium and have settled down in a small community. But we are however, introduced to a threat early on for their group. There’s a little girl who we see in this episode who mostly chats with Madison and also quite a bit with Nick. She’s escaped from some bad people and let’s them know where her group was in the past before they were all dead and she escaped.

Madison goes to the young girl’s old camp to investigate with Victor, Alicia and some others. We are shown a town where there’s nothing really there, except for one survivor and a couple of the dead eventually turn up. I found the scene itself, with the characters searching the town to be quite tense. When Victor mentioned that it was missing even the dead, things started to look suspicious and the tension increased. I enjoyed the mystery of what could possibly be in this town. The location was also quite good and all the old buildings and ruins looked great on screen this week. As a viewer I felt that I didn’t really know what was to come from this town and the survivor they found seemed very defensive and she was later brought in to live with Madison and her people. What happened to that place I wondered? What’s the story of the survivor?

As the episode goes on, we see that Nick looks to be not his usual self. At the end of Season 3 we saw him as the central character in the finale and he was the character that looked to be pretty much ready to sacrifice his life on that damn.Nick blew it up with everyone on it in an attempt to save everyone from the bad guys. This is the cliffhanger we were left with, did they all survive that? It looks like they all did survive the damn explosion (except the bad guys), but the aftermath of that explosion is still something that our characters are dealing with. As we see in this episode, Nick is still not past the explosion, to an extent that he can’t even leave his settlement in a car to investigate the music. I’m not sure how long they’ve been living in that baseball stadium, but Nick has been quite quiet there and is mainly concerned with farming and doesn’t go out. This is a big change for the character and I’m interested to see how he develops as this season continues.

The final big thing about this episode was the reveal of what looks to be this season’s main villain. I didn’t really catch his name, other than his group being known as “The Vultures”, but a quick look at IMDB has what I think is this season’s villain played by Don Daro and he’s listed there with the character name “Vulture”, but that may change as we get to know him more. With this week’s tense tone to the whole episode, when the Vultures first appeared I felt a little nervous for our group of characters. We’ve never really seen them settle down for a long time in town before and the failure of Nick to investigate the sound due to his personal issues led to the group getting caught off guard when the Vultures approached.

The Vultures themselves didn’t do all that much to our group at first, they seemed to just camp outside and wait. For what they’re waiting to see I don’t know, but like actual Vultures they’re waiting for something to happen to Madison’s group and they’ll likely feed on the spoils of whatever happens there. The big reveal from the Vulture leader was that the little girl was a spy and the whole time has been sending them info about Madison’s group. It’s a big deal because clearly they trusted the wrong person, although who would doubt a kid in that environment though?

With the episode ending the way it did and a new threat for Madison’s group revealed, I’m very interested to see what’s to come in Fear The Walking Dead season 4. There’s still a bit of a timeline gap between when Madison and her people meet up with Morgan’s group. How Madison is not with the rest of the baseball stadium people is a bit of a mystery. Are they all dead? Have the vultures attacked and it’s only Madison and our main characters alive? I loved this episode and the amount of tense moments that were in it, it was also quite mysterious which made things more tense to watch and the reveal of the main villain was well done. I’m curious about this new Vulture group and what they’re up to, but the mystery of what happens to Madison’s group after this initial confrontation is even more appealing.

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Fear The Walking Dead

Fear The Walking Dead: Blackjack Review



There Are Spoilers In Our Fear The Walking Dead: Blackjack Review – Episode Discussion

So the latest episode of Fear The Walking Dead just aired and this one allowed us to catch up with a couple of old characters that have been long absent for many episodes now such as Victor and Luciana. Blackjack also progresses with Morgan’s leadership of his new group and their box maintenance business.

The side of the episode which focused on Strand was all about the character being stuck. At this point it seems that Strand isn’t really going anywhere at all and his character I guess is in limbo right now. Luckily he wasn’t stuck on his own and had John Dorie there to motivate Victor to get back into the main plot of the show. It seems by the time the episode ended the two characters were well on their way to possibly meeting up with Morgan and the rest of the group very soon. I was a little disappointed with the Strand story line in this episode. It was long and stretched out and nothing all that much happened at all.

Luciana gets a bit of a better tale. She ends up helping a stranger who she finds and he’s a little injured. Luciana does a lot of good work in this episode and helps the old man quite a bit. This episode does help the Luciana character a little in that it establishes her as a good person.

Like last week though after June helped a sick Althea, Morgan is heard on the radio. Luciana will likely meet up with Morgan in the future as well and I think the same thing will happen to all characters in the show, even Alicia who is seen for a minor moment in this episode.

Morgan’s side of the story is where things are a little interesting. There’s a massive threat to his group from a single woman who seems to be named on IMDB only as ‘filthy woman’ right now. She’s stolen the SWAT truck, turned a couple of people into walkers and is now opening fire on the road on Morgan’s truck and his group. The episode ends in a cliffhanger after her attack, although I’m willing to bet quite safely that no one dies from the incident as Morgan did yell to everyone to get down.

As far as the Morgan arc is going. I am not too sure I like the angle they are taking with the villain. It makes no sense to me that she would be that triggered by the boxes Morgan is leaving around. Although this may be explained later, but for now it seems far fetched to go to all these lengths such as attacking Morgan’s group which is armed and everything else she’s doing so far. I’m curious to see where they are going with this arc, but so far to me she doesn’t seem to be a very strong villain as villains go in Fear The Walking Dead.

Overall this episode did quite a bit to bring more characters into the Morgan leadership arc. There’s a villain after his group and they’re having trouble with her as Morgan hasn’t really done anything at all to strike back yet. I’d be interested to see what happens when Alicia meets up with everyone else as she seems to be the most ruthless of our heroes at the moment.

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Fear The Walking Dead

Fear The Walking Dead: Weak Review



There Are Spoilers In Our Fear The Walking Dead: Weak Review

So the latest episode of Fear The Walking Dead just went to air and this week our characters who have become separated from each other in recent weeks continue to try to find their way after the hurricane. This episode also further introduces us to some of the newer characters.

One of the interesting parts of this episode was the development of Althea. I feel like that out of the characters introduced this year, this is the character that’s been focused on the least, but probably has a lot of potential to be interesting. In this episode the character becomes sick and someone steals her SWAT vehicle. The vehicle is quite precious to her and she can barely handle being without it.

One of the opportunities that I felt was missed out on with this episode was that really they could have used Althea’s moment of need in this episode to further develop her character. The show has been quite known recently to use flashbacks to earlier times to tell the story of a character’s past, but this didn’t happen here at all. We could have just got a little monologue about why the SWAT vehicle was so important to her, but we didn’t. I felt it was just a big missed opportunity to develop her character and the importance of the vehicle to her.

Much of the episode had focused in on Morgan, the new characters from last week and Althea and June. These two groups are separated and are hearing each other on the walkie talkies. The episode did a lot to reunite the two groups together. By the end of this week’s episode, it seemed that Morgan was starting to emerge as the leader of this new group of people. I’ve been noticing that his character is developing or moving towards leading and advising rather than following and advising. This is a nice direction for the character and I look forward to seeing Morgan’s character arc progress in the future.

Towards the end of the episode we see what appears to be the mid-season villain take out a minor character that caused June some trouble early on in this episode. The main reason this ends up important is because the woman now possesses the SWAT vehicle, which is armoured and has mounted guns. This would be a massive threat if used against Morgan and the rest of this group.

What I missed this week was that we didn’t get any new details on what Alicia is up to. Also where in the world is Victor Strand? What is he even doing? It was overall a good episode, but one that I felt missed quite a few opportunities to develop characters further. It mainly acted as an episode to reunite characters who were separated after the hurricane happened. Hope to see something more next week.

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Fear The Walking Dead

Fear The Walking Dead – The Code Review



There Are Spoilers In Our Fear The Walking Dead – The Code Review

Apologies to many readers as I was a little behind on Fear The Walking Dead episodes these past two weeks, but have now caught up and have watched the latest one today which aired not long ago.

As a general comment, as I didn’t review the last two episodes on the site. I wasn’t a big fan of the mid-season premiere but thoroughly enjoyed last week’s episode and I think it might be the best episode of the season so far.

This week in The Code, the episode is entirely focused on Morgan (Lennie James). The character has become a little lost due to the massive hurricane and is completely separated from the group. It seems to be a bit of a character trait for Morgan to do a lot of travelling in both this show and in The Walking Dead. This episode is no exception and has Morgan travelling massive distances like no one else before him.

This episode I feel gives us a chance to possibly see and predict what’s to come for the second half of this season. During Morgan’s wandering about he comes across a group of people who leave messages around the place and in different locations. It basically says to take what you need and leave what you don’t. These stations act as a supply point for groups in the area but Morgan doesn’t really know who is running it. What bothers me about this story and Morgan being involved in it is that he’s been in 7 seasons of The Walking Dead. Surely he would know that a group who can do all this with all these supply points must be organised in some way and if they cover that much land surely they should be dangerous and be approached with caution?

Eventually Morgan comes across two survivors who at first seem to be the ones doing it all and they seem like great people! But actually they are quite deceptive and dodgy people to deal with. These two new characters are Wendell (Daryl Mitchell) and Sarah (Mo Collins). My impression of these two characters is that while they are a bit dodgy and don’t have the best motives, I feel that they might not be as bad as the person we see at the end of the episode. Now I didn’t catch her name but there’s a woman we see in the final scene that was listening to Morgan’s messages on the radio and is now coming to get him. What this person is I have no idea, but she might be the lead in to some greater danger for our characters later on. I guess we’ll have to wait for next week to see that.

Overall as an episode I like what was happening here with Morgan’s journey. We are now set up with a couple of new and interesting characters which could lead into something very interesting in the next episode. What I’m hoping for the rest of the season though is that they don’t sideline Alicia’s (Alycia Debnam-Carey) character in favour of the new ones as keeping her out of things too long won’t be great at all for the show. Alicia’s really one of the few remaining originals left and I want to follow her and those original characters journeys the most (RIP Madison and Nick).

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