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Fear The Walking Dead: Good Out Here Review

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There Are Some Spoilers In Our Fear The Walking Dead: Good Out Here Review

Good Out Here is the third episode of this season of Fear The Walking Dead and in this episode both Morgan and Madison try and help Nick with his issues. Our two groups struggle to come together as a team, with things between Morgan’s group and Madison’s group being quite tense.

I was looking forward to seeing this week’s episode as last week’s one ended very intriguingly with the reveal of the villain. This week there was a lot of focus on what Madison’s group were doing with Morgan’s group. Morgan’s people early on in the episode were captured and tied up, with their truck being driven by Madison’s group to the location of the flag. But things quickly get turned around and it’s Madison’s people who end up captured after a scuffle in the truck.

The scuffle causes the truck to go off-road and gets stuck and this leads to the group getting split up. Alicia and the rest go to find some way to get the truck out of its spot and Nick and Morgan stay with the truck, Morgan is injured. What goes on, on the side of Alicia’s group isn’t really the main focus of the episode and nothing too interesting happens on their side other than that they are I guess the part that helps to move the plot forward, where the focus of this episode is, is on Nick.

Nick as we saw last week is still quite messed up after what happened to his character at the end of season 3. This episode devotes quite a bit of time into building on that idea and we watch Nick both in the present with Morgan and in the past with Madison try to work out these issues.

Much of the episode that takes place in the present is shown to us with a black and white filter, similar to how episode 1 of this season was. But as the episode progressed, you can see that quite a few things are coloured in this filter, one of those colours that’s made to stand out is blue. We see blue cars, blue jeans and eventually the blue flowers. Up until the end when we saw Madison take Nick to see the flowers, I had noticed the colouring of the blue things in the episode, but had been thinking it was maybe to do with something I missed in the last few episodes. But at the end you see it’s because of the flowers and the beauty of the world they’re meant to represent. I thought that the mixing in of the colouring of the episode’s filter, with the theme and the final meaning of the episode was quite interesting and I enjoyed seeing this style put into the episode.

What was even more surprising to me though was that Nick is actually killed off, right here in episode 3! This is a character who apart from Madison is someone I never thought would be killed off in the show. I had thought his character a bit odd this season and even in this episode I didn’t really get why, but it seemed something was off. I had noticed a storyline with him and this episode looked to be the first in what was a long line of episodes that would aim to develop his character’s issues, but to kill him? I never expected that at all! To be honest I’m actually really disappointed.

After the episode aired I went on Twitter to see what other thought of Nick leaving the show and read that actually it was Frank Dillane who wanted out. There’s a really great article on EW’s site which details quite a bit about what went on behind the scenes. Take a look at it right here if you’re interested. I thought that Frank Dillane did exceptionally well with the role he played and particularly towards the end of season 3, the guy was excellent and one of my favourite characters in the show. I wish him well with his future, but kind of wish he didn’t want out of the show and stayed because Nick was a pretty great character to watch each week.

Everyone saw Nick die at the end of this episode and I think going forward there’s going to be a lot of mourning and this will probably effect quite a lot of characters in the future. I’m really curious to see what happens next week. The Nick arc with him struggling with the issues of season 3 has now ended and it looks to me like Morgan’s group and Madison’s group have come together at the end of this. Possibly there’s more tensions to come, but where to from here I wonder?

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