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Game Night Review

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Game Night Review – Spoiler Free

Game Night is a film which comes directed by both John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein. The film stars Jason Bateman, Rachel McAdams, Kyle Chandler, Sharon Horgan, Billy Magnussen, Lamorne Morris and Kylie Bunbury. The film is about a group of close friends who regularly gather together to play a variety of board games every so often. However, one night things go awry and the group finds themselves having to solve a kidnapping.

When first seeing the trailer for Game Night a few months ago, I was immediately interested in taking a look at what it might be like. I’ve been a Jason Bateman fan ever since I watched Ozark last year and I’ve always enjoyed watching Rachel McAdams on film. The two together in a comedy seemed like something I’d be interested in seeing at the cinema when it came out.

I didn’t really have much expecations for the film other than some entertaining performances from the two stars. But the story itself isn’t too bad. There’s a group of friends who each have a variety of quirks and they all get thrown into this kidnapping mystery which the film runs with. For the most part the plot is quite interesting and only gets a little lost towards the end where I think the writers kept wanting to throw in a bunch of twists to keep the the audience guessing. I’m okay with some twists in the storyline, but it did seem to me to stretch out the film a little when it maybe could of just ended already.

As a comedy film I did feel it did deliver on the laughs quite well. In the cinema I was in, I could always hear people laughing at different points which is always a good sign and I myself found the humour in this to be pretty good. There’s a lot of quick little jokes about pop culture and maybe a jab at Edward Norton’s fame too which was all in good fun. I like the humour in this one compared to other recent comedies I had gone along to see because it didn’t go down the way of rude or crude jokes, which I don’t really enjoy at all.

Overall Game Night is a decent new comedy to watch at the cinema this weekend. It’s a funny film about a bunch of friends who really enjoy playing board games together and get involved in a kidnapping incident which they treat like a game or a puzzle to solve together. There’s some great stuff in here from both Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams to watch and I’m happy to recommend going to see this at the cinema if you’re looking for a comedy this weekend to watch.

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