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Game Of Thrones The Dragon And The Wolf Review

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Please Note There Are Spoilers In Our Game Of Thrones The Dragon And The Wolf Review – Watch The Episode Then Read 🙂

So the final episode for Game Of Thrones for this year just aired. This is the biggest episode of the season, with fans of the show now having to wait quite some time for the next episode of the series to air. This is episode was actually one of the longest in the series so far, with IMDB saying it went for a full 1 hour and 21 minutes. Basically it’s a movie.

Like for much of the season so far, I truly do admire the costumes and the attention to detail for each of the characters’ appearances. It’s now the 7th season of the show and they’ve had this right for a long time, but it seems now, even more so that the look and feel of Game Of Thrones has truly been mastered. Each character seems to have their own unique look to them and much of that is achieved through some excellent costume design. Whoever is in the team behind the costumes where the show is being made are truly doing a great job.

In this episode we see all the major characters’ movements take them all to the same meeting place, where they will discuss the future of the war we have been watching all year and also what to do about the dead creatures which loom far to the North.

It’s actually a fairly rare thing in Game Of Thrones for the major characters to actually share a single scene together and even rarer to have more than two at a time doing this, so this episode is massive even for just this reason. I found the meeting scene to be exactly what I wanted, it was filled with tension and enough mystery for me not to know where exactly things could go. Every word of the discussion had me filled with anticipation for what could be next or where our characters might end up because of their conversation with one another.

It seems though that it was Jon Snow who disappointed everyone when he decided to not lie in the meeting when requested something difficult from Cersei, which caused Cersei to go back to her castle and the negotiations of a truce to end. It seems Jon not lying has more of an effect in that instant than the entire display of the dead one they spent so much time and resources capturing for the meeting.

When watching the episode I thought that the meeting scene was maybe the highest point of tension we would see, but it was actually the following scene with Tyrion which impressed me the most during this episode. For a show that’s been running so long, we’ve come to know Tyrion well and it’s been a long time actually since he’s really had a big character moment. For much of this season I feel his character was underused, while he appeared in many episodes, he didn’t have any real massive moments this year, until now.

Watching Tyrion go back to chat to Cersei about what happened between him and his father and also what happened because of that to the Lannister family brought much closure to this side of the Game Of Thrones story which has been running for some time now. It was an excellent scene and I’ve honestly really missed seeing Lena Headey and Peter Dinklage work together.

It wouldn’t be a Game Of Thrones finale I suppose without a character dying. Unfortunately this time it was one of my favourites, Littlefinger. After trying to manipulate Sansa to go against her sister Arya it seems he was caught out and put to death rather quickly. I had been wondering where this plot was going for the last few episodes, I guess Littlefinger’s demise represents a stronger unity on the Stark side of things, at least for now.

One of my least favourite characters, Bran, appeared quite a few times in this episode. It seems we see Samwell join him, who has been travelling for some time since leaving his work behind a few episodes ago. The two discuss the birth of Jon Snow and it’s revealed he isn’t really even the bastard he thinks he was the whole time and is apparently the rightful ruler of the seven kingdoms and has Targaryen decent. I do wonder what this will do for his character next year, I suppose they may be aiming for him to be the final ruler. But where exactly does this place Daenerys, her claim to the throne, her armies and her dragons? Even more so, what does the new relationship between Jon and Daenerys even mean now?

It wouldn’t be a season finale without a cliffhanger at the end. Usually in most shows we get just a little bit of action which helps us get excited for next year. The finale doesn’t disappoint on this aspect with the dead dragon from the army of the dead breathing a blue flame fire into the wall protecting the North. The dragon completely destroys it and the army is now advancing towards all our beloved characters. To be honest, I have no idea what they could all do about this. I guess they need a dragonstone spear now, but they don’t even know the dead army has that dragon. It’s going to be a lot of trouble next year.

Overall this was a decent season finale and one that had me most entertained. Every single one of the actors were great in this episode and have been all season. Scenes were filled with tension and my anticipation in between scenes was always high. I truly loved all the costumes and the special effects for the dragon scenes were great as usual. I am highly looking forward to watching the show again next year.

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