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Game Of Thrones The Spoils Of War Review

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Please Note: There Are Spoilers In Our Game Of Thrones The Spoils Of War Review – Watch The Episode Then Read 🙂

Spoils Of War is the latest episode of Game Of Thrones and has just gone to air. This episode has actually quite a few big moment to it to discuss, many of which may impact on characters for many episodes to come.

One of the things to look at here lies within the title of the episode “Spoils Of War”. For much of the episode we see Jamie Lannister and his forces enjoy their spoils. Now laden with gold, Jamie is able to pay his debts to the bank and also give Bronn a little bit of gold as well, but no castle yet unfortunately.

At Dragonstone, Jon is still trying to convince Daenerys to join him in his fight against the Whitewalkers and she is still insisting that he must bend his knee if she is to do that, a thing which he won’t do. Jon takes Daenerys to a cave she for some reason has no idea exists in her own castle, where he shows her a couple of paintings on the walls with Whitewalkers in them. I guess it helps a bit to get her to believe his story a bit more.

Apart from the forefront of the war between the two queens. We do see quite a few scenes with Arya. Surprisingly in this episode characters seem to be able to walk across the map at tremendous pace. Arya is now with Sansa, Littlefinger, Brienne and all the rest of her buddies. She spends much of the episode catching up with everyone. There’s a delightful scene where Arya duels Brienne in a sword fight and does very well against her, everyone is amazed with the skills she possesses. What will become of Arya I wonder as the episodes go by, it’s hard for me to guess where she might end up.

Like last week’s episode, this ends with a military twist and a new movement made in the war for the Iron Throne. Daenerys after learning of the defeat of her forces at the siege last week, somehow manages to move her army at tremendous pace and wipes out the Lannister force. The fight scenes were all great here and the dragon attacks were excellently executed, I loved the look of everything. My only issue is the logistics of all of this, an army just simply doesn’t move that quick, even on horseback, I just don’t believe it. But still, in the end, it was a well shot battle and had some interesting results as well as having a lot of important characters’ lives at stake.

With the Jamie Lannister cliffhanger at the end, I find myself excited to see what could come out of the show next week. Will Daenerys make a play for the Iron Throne now that she’s confident after her win? Or will she consolidate her power where she is for a while? With only a few episodes to go, I’m curious to see how things go. The Lannisters were in a great position last week, but now it looks reversed, what could their next moves be I wonder?

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  1. Øystein Jahren

    August 8, 2017 at 6:49 am

    Was I the only one annoyed by how she used the dragon? You have a line of men queing up for the barbecue, then you attack across it instead of along it? And when you do go along the line you hit all the supplies (said to be needed earlier in the episode) rather than burn the ones guarding it. And in the end all wagons are burned except for that one wagon with the weapon in it. All wagons on both sides of this one wagon are burnt. Strange coincidence. This scene could have been so much better and more sensible without taking anything from the story of it.

    • Bryan Weatherall

      August 13, 2017 at 12:26 pm

      Thanks for reading 🙂 I agree with this, I do like the special effects and all that but, yeah, it could have maybe been more thought out. I had the same thoughts during last year’s Stannis seige

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