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Get Free Loot In Overwatch Through D.Va’s Nano Cola Challenge

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Blizzard has just let us know that at the moment and up until September 11 (AEST/NZST) players can participate in D.Va’s Nano Cola Challenge in Overwatch. Wins in quick play, competitive and arcade will earn you additional rewards on top of your normal earnings. These include:

  • Win three games, and earn two new D.Va sprays!
  • Three additional victories (for a total of six) to earn a new D.Va player icon!
  • Finally, three more wins (a total of nine) and you will take home the Nano Cola D.Va skin!

During this Overwatch event you can also earn rewards by watching some streamers for a certain amount of time. The streamers Blizzard has listed can be found here. Bonuses for watching include:

  • Two hours watched of the promotional streams will earn you one new emoji spray
  • Two more hours watched (total of four) will earn you two more new sprays
  • Two more hours watched (total of six) will earn you another two new sprays
  • Watching another two hours (for a grand total of eight) will earn you three more new sprays, eight in all!

Source: Blizzard Australia

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