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God Of War New Game Plus Release Date

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The God Of War new game plus release date is August 20 2018. Santa Monica Studio’s announced today that the game will be patched for free to allow for the new game mode to be active for all players.

The update to the game will give players the ability to skip cinematic cut scenes, fight against higher level enemies and get new gear upgrades.

To get into new game plus in God Of War you will need to have finished the game on any difficulty level in order to go in a second time and experience the new mode.

Santa Monica Studio’s said “We’re certainly looking forward to seeing who completes Give Me God of War New Game+ mode first. That’s a feat! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your patience and allowing us the development time necessary to create New Game+.”

I enjoyed the game quite a bit when I experience it earlier this year, you can find my review for God Of War right here.

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