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22 years after the Theatrical release of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie, with the wonderful Paul Freeman playing Ivan Ooze, perhaps one of my all-time favorite villains in a film. We are finally getting a new Power Rangers movie.

This time with some serious Heavy Hitters, Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Banks, to prop up the younger actors, I am probably one of the only people in my circle of friends who is excited for this film to release. With a screenplay by John Gatin (Flight and Real Steel) the new Power Rangers movie has some serious bulk in it. Let’s hope the executives at Lionsgate didn’t get their sticky fingers into the production process and muddy the waters.

Little more beyond the trailers has been shown yet, although they do seem to spoil a fair chunk of the movie, without actual context I will take each scene shown with a grain of salt. Overall though I am loving the look and the tone that the director, Dean Israelite, has gone for with the trailers and hope that those tones carry on into the movie as a whole.

With an Australian release date of March 23rd, you can be sure that I have it marked on my calendar and that I will be in a seat day one.

Phill is a huge Anime and video game fan. Often found playing Blizzard games like Diablo 3, Overwatch and World of Warcraft. Between games and watching competitive Overwatch Phill likes to keep up with as many seasonal Anime shows as possible.

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