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Reaper And Mei Buff Coming To PTR

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In a recent discussion on the Overwatch forums it was revealed by Overwatch developer Geoff Goodman that there would be indeed buffs coming to both Reaper and Mei, possibly as soon as this week on the PTR. The Reaper and Mei buff coming to the PTR is a response from Blizzard about the worry of a potential tank meta due to the introduction of Moira recently and her excellent ability to heal multiple tanks.

Officially Geoff Goodman said:

“We’re always trying to get ahead of the meta and trying to predict what shifts are likely to take place. In this case, we’re seeing some potential for a big tank meta on the horizon, especially with Moira just recently being released and how good she is at healing multiple tanks.

We’ve actually had this sort of meta game in the past and overall it seemed often seemed more frustrating for players than even dive can be sometimes. So as a direct answer to your question i’d certainly be worried about buffing heroes like Roadhog, Zarya, and even Ana until we can get a better gauge on how the game is shifting.

In fact, we’re looking at buffing Reaper and Mei in an upcoming PTR patch (hopefully this week) since they could use a boost and they could help with this meta if it comes around.”

Reaper and Mei buff coming to PTR in the next update

Reaper and Mei buff coming to PTR in the next update

With a Reaper and Mei buff confirmed it’s only a matter of time until we see them live on the PTR. It’s not really detailed what changes or what types of buffs they are. Could Reaper be getting more damage or a faster wraith? Mei was also buffed a little quite recently, what could be changing with her? Might Mei be getting an even faster freeze time or more damage when freezing someone?

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