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The Sims 4 News – January 2018 – Game Pack Teaser and Dine Out for Console

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EA and The Sims have announced some news regarding their Console and PC versions of The Sims this week.

First was a teaser trailer featuring the Eco Friendly Pack which is due out very soon, and the second was a new “Adventure” Game Pack which has no details as of yet. Some twitter users are speculating that it might be a “World Adventures” type Game Pack which takes influence from The Sims 3 expansion, and some are saying it is “Aztec” themed. Take a look at the teaser and let me know your thoughts….

The Sims 4 Console has a new game pack arriving next week. The Sims 4 Dine Out is still my favourite pack in The Sims 4 franchise so far, so this will be a great addition to your consoles. Check out the full article here from The Sims News Page.

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