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Sims NEWS – The Sims 4: My First Pet Stuff (Trailer)

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A new trailer dropped a few days ago for a surprise announcement. The Sims 4 My First Pet Stuff includes small animals to care for; mouse, hamster, hedgehog and a Maxis creation, the “Bubalus”. There are new furniture and decoration objects to match content from the last expansion, and hairstyles and even new clothes and outfits for your Cats and Dogs. If you already own the expansion pack, The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs.

Check out the trailer below to see it in action!



Surprise! There is a NEW STUFF PACK coming out next week. What? I don’t remember this dancing hampster being in the Quarterly Teaser. It wasn’t. Weird…!

After the teaser trailer, and then the full trailer released — My First Pet Stuff has been taken very harshly on The Sims forums, Reddit, Twitter, Youtube and most forms of social media available.

This is a stuff pack, that requires an Expansion Pack, that requires a BASE GAME to play. Huh? Confusing, right? An expansion to the expansion?

There is a lot of controversy about this pack already with some gamers saying that it it “Money Grabbing” and the content “Should have been included in the Cats & Dogs Expansion Pack…” but who really knows. EA named the Expansion Pack, “Cats and Dogs” knowing that they were only adding these two animals into the game, which we were lead to believe that more animals were to come along later. But so soon, with only one “style” of animal and some extra content that are clearly designed to match that of what was already completed in Cats and Dogs.

It has raised some eyebrows around the internet for sure. Perhaps, EA were trying to get C&D out as soon as possible to make the consumers happy? Perhaps they kept working on content to celebrate their best selling Expansion Pack to date? Or perhaps they are milking the “cash cow” further.

Who knows? Who cares? (A lot of people talking about it on the internet…) Do I care? Nope!! Give it to meeeee! I did a reaction and thoughts video which you can watch below.

If you are interested in this cute little add on, it will be available on the 14th of March on Origin.

More information coming soon.

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