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Talon Sombra Skin Revealed

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Earlier today the Talon Sombra skin was revealed by Blizzard on their Overwatch Facebook page. The Talon Sombra skin is part of an upcoming in game event for the players which is focused on expanding the lore of the game. If you’re wondering when the Talon Sombra skin will be released? According to the Facebook page for Blizzard it will be available in just 3 days 🙂

As seen in the video above, the new Talon Sombra skin changes Sombra’s look, giving her a slightly different visual appearance to what we’re used to for the character. Sombra has much shorter hair and is wearing the symbolic white and black coloured uniform which we’ve seen on other characters in the past.

Talon Sombra Skin

Talon Sombra Skin

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