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The Aftermath Review

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The Aftermath is a film which comes directed by James Kent and stars Kiera Knightly, Alexander Skarsgard and Jason Clarke. The film is about a British colonel and his wife who go to live in Hamburg just after World War 2.

Before going in to see this film I was intrigued about the possibility of what it could be. Kiera Knightly, Alexander Skarsgard and Jason Clarke are all pretty good actors on their own and having all three in a film is a major attraction. The way the film looked in the trailer and the imagery I saw gave off vibes of Allied (2016). But in the end coming out of the film I was a little disappointed.

While I do think the look of the film definitely was spot on and the set designers and costume makers deserve credit for the work they’ve done, there just wasn’t much else to get excited about.

Kiera Knightly, Alexander Skarsgard and Jason Clarke played some potentially interesting characters, but the problem was, they were boring to follow. The main plot of the film is this love story between the three, but there really wasn’t much chemistry there. I feel that this might have been due to the film’s setting. It’s a tense time after World War 2 and for the story they’re going for, it makes for an awkward matchup. Somehow Allied (2016) managed this a little better.

Overall, if you really want to see this film you could go and see it at the cinema, but it won’t be long until it’s on a streaming service or available for rent so I’d say to wait. During my viewing I wanted to leave after about an hour in and I stayed there till the end, it was not worth it.

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