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The Walking Dead Season 9 Australian Release Date

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The Walking Dead Season 9 Australian Release Date

The Walking Dead Season 9 Australian release date is October 10 2018. The show airs on October 9 2018 in the US, but Foxtel here locally has for some time shown The Walking Dead the same time as the US and that’s usually Monday morning for us here in Australia. They have not made an official announcement on their site, but it’s safe to say it will likely be the same again. This post will be updated if we hear that for some reason the show is airing at different times than usual.

The Walking Dead Season 9 Trailer

The Walking Dead Season 9 News

The Walking Dead Season 9 trailer was released at Comic Con 2018. It was the first big look at what can be expected when the season comes out later this year. But it wasn’t the only news announced during the event.

Apart from The Walking Dead season 9 Australian release date news, we also heard of some major cast changes for the show. Andrew Lincoln who plays the main character, Rick, has announced that this season will be his last. It’s really a massive moment in time for the show as Andrew Lincoln unlike other cast is the central character for The Walking Dead story. With him gone after this season it’s a massive change for the show.

In a tweet by AMC Andrew Lincoln said “It’s been such a part of my life. I’ve breathed it for ten years. I believe in the story so much, but this is a really terrific season for Rick’s story”

The Walking Dead Season 8 was the biggest season so far for the show and ended quite interestingly. For our thoughts on The Walking Dead Season 8 season finale you can read our review for the episode right here. You can also find reviews for all of the episodes for The Walking Dead season 8 from us right here.

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