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Wargaming Donates Materials From Its History To The Strong Museum

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Wargaming recently donated a bunch of materials from its history as a company to the Strong Museum in New York. The materials donated included digital archives, promotional items and fan art works. Many of the donated materials can be viewed in an online exhibit here on Google Arts and culture.

Andrew Borman, digital games curator at The Strong said “Wargaming is one of the most significant game developers of the past decade and has had a huge impact on the free-to-play game market. The types of artifacts included in this collection help us to present a well-rounded story about this company, from its founding to how it evolved its development of games over the years.”

Tracy Spaight, Director of Special Projects at Wargaming said “It is thus fitting that Wargaming—on the occasion of our 20th anniversary—should seek to preserve our company’s history, so that future historians can tell the story of the rise of the global video game industry. The Strong Museum was the logical choice for these materials, as they are at the leading edge of preserving the digital materials of the video game industry.”

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