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Westworld: Phase Space Review

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There Are Spoilers In Our Westworld Phase Space Review – Episode Discussion

So the latest episode of Westworld Season 2 just went to air and this week we see Maeve continue on her journey to find her daughter, Bernard makes a surprising discovery and William has a nice chat with his daughter.

One of the things that has been a major constant this season has been the Maeve plot line of her needing to find her daughter. After a short detour last week in Samurai world, she is finally taken to the place where her daughter resides this week after a considerably long journey.

Even though I would love to have some sort of happy ending for Maeve with this plot, I knew she wouldn’t get it. When she went down to go see her daughter alone in an effort I think could be something to do with achieving self actualisation, she instead finds her daughter living in home with another mother. They are all bots after all so I’m not sure what she was thinking was going to be there, but it doesn’t matter really because some Indians attack and the temporary mother is probably dead now. Maeve however runs off with her daughter. I’m not sure what’s to come now that the two are together, I’m not sure if Maeve’s daughter is at all self aware like Maeve is or if Maeve is going to try to wake her up. The episode also leaves us with some questions regarding these Indians, if they’re self aware, what are they up to? Why are they capturing people?

William in this episode has only a minor scene, but an important one. There are many questions about what his relationship with his daughter is like and we get a lot of insights into that in this episode. William as we know is completely obsessed with the game and is pretty much a hard-core gamer. He never logs out of Westworld and is always playing it, this has impacted on his relationship with his family and it’s clear from his conversation with his daughter. His daughter does seem to care for him, although there’s a little bit of hate and William looks to certainly care for his daughter. But his obsession with Ford’s game has sort of ruined his life. I think there’s going to be a lot more to come for these two in the next few episodes, it’s a relationship that I think will develop as we continue with the season.

Bernard has one of the more interesting moments this week. The character is acting as some sort of teaser for all the park secrets at the moment and is only able to remember very little bits of things to do with the park that we all really would like to know each week. This week Bernard travels to a place called ‘The Cradle’ which room that houses all the data for all the bots in the park. It’s here where Bernard shockingly plugs into the database and gets transported to a virtual Westworld. That’s not even really the shocking part, the shocking part is who he finds in there, he find Ford!

We get left in this episode with a bit of a cliffhanger. The reveal of Ford is certainly very interesting and is something I thought maybe was coming as we’ve been getting tiny hints for the past few weeks about him lingering around somewhere. We also know that the park is also being used for experiments so someone could live forever and we saw Delos try and fail to live forever inside one of the bots. I do wonder if where Ford currently is might be part of this idea and possibly he will be able to go inside certain bots for short periods of time and that’s how he can live forever. If you remember a few episodes ago, we did see Ford come and speak to William in the form of a small boy. But what Ford’s true plan and what he’s trying to do with this is something I have no idea about. For now I’m excited that he’s back and I’m really hoping we get to see Anthony Hopkins back in the show.

Overall this was a really great episode. The reveal of Ford being alive at the very end was a complete surprise and I really love that he’s back in the show. The Maeve side of the episode was a bit of a drag, but I guess it’s nice she’s got her daughter back. It’s also interesting to see William interact with his daughter. I’m looking forward to see what they are able to do in next week’s episode of Westworld.

If you want to discuss the episode with me or others, be sure to comment below with your thoughts about this week’s Westworld.

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