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“Skin 2.0” Short Story by Alex Leu — Review

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This week I was sent a short story by author “Alex Leu” about a female cyborg in a who dreams of more. A female lead, sci-fi, cyber punk, thriller — This screams my genre, so here is my review on this unique short story.

Amy is different from those around her. She was destined to be a star, but instead she works the same factory job for 30 years and wonders if she is the only one around her with the same wish to be more human.

I really enjoyed this short story, and it left me wanting more! I wish there was more detail on the city where Amy lived, and how they all came to be. However, it also leaves this great mystery and the feeling that the author has left you hanging. (On the edge of your seat!)
The story is quick, precise and very to the point. It fits my style completely, and I read it in one sitting… leaving me with my thoughts afterwards.
I would love to hear more about Amy and her adventures! Thanks for giving me this opportunity Alex, and I cant wait to see what is next.

If you would like to learn more about “Skin 2.0” or Alex Leu, you can check out his word press here.

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