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The Internship Review

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The Internship is a newly released film on DVD/Blu Ray that stars Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn as the lead characters and also Rose Byrne, Aasif Mandvi, Max Minghella, Josh Brener, Dylan O’Brien, Tiya Sircar and Tobit Raphael. It’s a comedy film about two salesmen who lose their jobs and have to start their lives again, so they apply to have internship at Google.

The first thing I’m going to say is that if you just watched the trailer above, the Thrift shop song you hear isn’t even in there! I don’t know what’s up with that. They play an entirely different song in the movie at that point in the car, not sure why that is like that in the advertisement. It’s sort of misleading in terms of the characters, but whatever.

That being said the movie is pretty funny throughout and Vince Vaughn (Billy McMahon) and Owen Wilson (Nick Campbell) are really the only reason the watch this movie, they steal all the scenes and all the funny lines. The other characters in the movie appear throughout and have their funny moments as well, but none of them really did anything for me, in fact some of the characters are quite annoying in the tech talk scenes at Google. Watching all these know it all kids who all struggle for a job at Google is a bit like someone scratching a chalkboard, you hear it but don’t want to really hear that much tech talk.

The Internship 2 Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson was great in this movie

Thankfully Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are hilarious in the film and really go well together in a comedy. I found a lot of their jokes to be very funny. You can watch their interview scene below for their internship, it sums up the type of comedy and jokes in The Internship.

Vince Vaughn actually wrote the screenplay and story for this movie along with Jared Stern and I thought that for a comedy, the story flowed well and there was a good level of jokes and story progression. Some good monologues for Vince Vaughn’s character as well.

Vince Vaughn had some great moments

Vince Vaughn had some great moments

The story is fairly strait forward in that it’s simply two guys who lose their job, who then apply for an internship at Google. They get put into a team, which is assessed based on their performance with certain tasks at Google. But to get the internship everyone in the team must work hard and well together in order to succeed and progress through the process. The movie is filmed at Google and you get to see a lot of their recruitment process in a satire type of way, it’s interesting to watch.

The rental release actually comes in a different version the theatrical release of the film, it comes in an extended version for a more mature audience. I watched the extended version for this review and I haven’t seen the theatrical PG version of the internship. My understanding is that difference may be in some of the editing of swear words and the long strip club nude scenes in the movie that were probably cut for the PG version of The Internship.

Overall The Internship is a fairly entertaining comedy to watch. It’s one of those movies that I think of as something I only really only want to watch once after I see it, and it is. It was fun to watch it and it had it’s moments. If you are a fan of Vince Vaughn or Owen Wilson comedies than this one won’t let you down. It’s not the best film ever for either of them, but it’s funny enough for a night in this week if you are needing something to laugh at a bit.

6 out of 10

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