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The Total War Arena 3.1.9 patch notes details have been released and quite a few changes and updates are coming to the game. The three areas that the Total War Arena 3.1.9 patch notes cover include leaderboards, shop units in the tech tree and ability animation systems improvement.

Here’s what’s in the Total War Arena 3.1.9 Patch Notes


As part of our commitment to adding more content to the endgame, we’ve implemented a leaderboard for Tier X players, accessible by anyone through the profile window.

  • You can qualify for this leaderboard by playing at least 3 battles with any Tier X unit(s).
  • For each battle you play, you will gain or lose Rating, which will determine your position on the leaderboard.
  • The leaderboard will only display the Top 100 players.
  • If you are not in the Top 100, you will be able to see what percentage of the player base you are in (e.g. top 23%).
  • You can also select your country from the profile overview panel, which will be displayed on the leaderboard.
  • The leaderboard will update roughly every hour.
  • You gain points for winning matches and lose points for losing matches.


In part two of our update to the tech tree, the tree now displays Premium Shop units whenever they are available, not just if you own them. Clicking on the Shop button will take you directly to the Wargaming Premium Shop.


By initial design, the ability phase system only supports one duration animation. Any subsequent locomotion/attack animation overrides that. This means the first animation is lost if a new ability phase is activated.

This new feature improves the ability/phase stacking. The system will now know which animation is the last one you activated and, when this one ends, it will continue any existing animations/locomotion that might still be active.

Example in the old system:

  1. Ability 1 starts with a duration of 60 seconds.
  2. (10 seconds later) Ability 2 starts with a duration of 20 seconds. This animation is played and the Ability 1 animation is overwritten.
  3. (20 seconds later) Ability 2 animation finishes. All animations are cleared.
  4. No more animations are played but Ability 1 is still active for a further 30 seconds.

With the new system improvement:

  • Ability 1 starts with a duration of 60 seconds.
  • (10 seconds later) Ability 2 starts with duration of 20 seconds. This animation is played and the Ability 1 animation is overwritten.
  • (20 seconds after) Ability 2 animation finishes. The last ability animation in the stack is restored.
  • The remaining 30 seconds of the animation from Ability 1 will be played.

Source: Total War Arena Patch Notes News

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The Sims 4 News July 2019 – Latest Update with Free Content and a New LOOK



“The Sims 4” is looking funky fresh with new branding and lots of free content in their newest update, coming to PC this week.

Can you believe it? The Sims 4 will celebrate its 5th anniversary this September! The Sims creators are adamant that they won’t be finishing The Sims 4 any time soon, so why not a facelift? After all, change is as good as a holiday. Instead of sticking with the same box art for another few years, the graphic artists have updated The Sims 4 to bring a fresh look to their branding. Keeping the iconic greens and blues, everything has a new look. This includes loading screens, front page, box art and even the famous “plumbob” has had a makeover.


Do you start up a game with good intentions, get to the Create-a-Sim screen, then suddenly go cross-eyed and draw a blank? Rejoice! The developers have added a new feature called Story Mode. This funky new feature allows you to “answer questions” about your upcoming “creation” and your responses will determine how they should live through their simulated life. Choices affect traits, aspirations, and even provide your new sims with skills to get ahead of the game.

The Sims Team also have news for the console Simmers out there. “The Sims 4: Island Living” (the latest expansion, released last month) will be available on console this week.

If this isn’t enough to get you excited about pixelated people again, how about 1000 new (sort of) unlocked OBJECTS!? Or… maybe 350 new swatches for doors? Some weird things are happening over at The Sims studios, but hey, I’m happy for free content.


Check out The Sims 4 Live Streams here; TheSims – Twitch


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Sea Of Solitude Review



Sea Of Solitude Review

Sea Of Solitude is a game which was developed by Jo-Mei Games and was published by Electronic Arts. It is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC via Origin. It is a single player third person adventure game. The game has the player control a character named Kay who explores an abandoned and flooded city.

This was a game which caught my eye only very recently when I first heard about its release. After watching the trailer, I thought the art style, strong colours and animations looked very interesting. Also as a person who went mad one day and subscribed to EA’s Origin Premiere late last year so that I could play some games I had missed out on over the years, I was pleased to see something new added to the store that wasn’t a typical Electronic Arts style major franchise game. Knowing I could get this one for free was enough to give it a go. But if you’re not part of that program to get it for free, I’d say that the $26.95 asking price for this digital title is certainly worth it.

The game isn’t too long, most hardened gamers will probably be able to finish this one in a single session, which I actually managed to do yesterday morning. I didn’t time myself, but I’d say to expect about 3 or so hours out of it, a bit more if you look around for collectables.

Sea Of Solitude Review

Sea Of Solitude Review

On the surface, Sea Of Solitude is about a young girl named Kay, who is searching through a city, which is for some reason flooded. You start the game all alone on a tiny boat, way out at sea on the water. You make your way to the city, where you find a monster clad in darkness is blocking your path. Through exploration and activating certain things, Kay brings light to an otherwise dark city.

Underneath the main plot though, is a game with strong messages and themes related to loneliness and relationships. Kay as a character is someone who has become lonely, isolated and quite depressed after issues with her family and her boyfriend. The game sends the player on a journey to free Kay and other characters from suffering from the effects of loneliness and related themes. What I didn’t expect this weekend, was to play a game which seemed to have the objective of tackling these mental health issues in this way and I never expected to play something this weekend from the gaming genre with such deep meaning to it.

In many ways, Sea Of Solitude reminded me of my experience with Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice which was also a game that focused on mental health issues and is still a game I hold in very high regard. Both of these games were experiences that I could not put down once I started playing as I just had to find out what was going to happen with my character. Games tackling these mental health themes and the issues involved are quite rare in this medium, so when an experience like this does come along, it’s very unique and interesting. The difference between Sea Of Solitude and Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is that Sea of Solitude is a little lighter in tone and not the intense gruelling experience that Senua’s was. This makes a player’s time with Sea Of Solitude one that is peaceful to experience.

Sea Of Solitude Review

Sea Of Solitude Review

The art style in Sea Of Solitude is something I enjoyed looking at. The animations are very rounded, colours stand out on the screen and the use of blacks in contrast with visibly bright blues, whites and orange was what I loved the most. The music and also the voice acting, was soft and did fit in well with the tone of the game’s themes and art style. All together, visuals and audios seemed to be just right.

The gameplay in Sea Of Solitude is something I’d say is probably a little simple. It’s essentially a platforming game where you will jump, swim, drive a boat and shoot flares onto enemies. There aren’t any button combinations to learn or any level up systems. The game is accessible to people of most ages and even to people new to gaming could easily pick this one up and get through it.

Overall coming out of playing Sea Of Solitude, I was filled with positivity and happiness. The story is quite heavy when playing through it, but very warm in the end. The art style and animations are nice to see and the sound and voice acting was just right. I do like to see that the games industry can use the medium to tackle such heavy topics and release games like this which show how well this medium can tell a story and provide its audience with something of great meaning. I’m happy to recommend Sea Of Solitude for your gaming collection.

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Get A Free Copy Of Final Fantasy XIV When Ordering Domino’s Pizza This Week



Final Fantasy XIV and Domino’s Pizza promotion
Final Fantasy XIV and Domino’s Pizza promotion
Final Fantasy XIV Online and Domino’s are teaming up to offer Australian pizza lovers the chance to get their hands on a free PC copy of FINAL FANTASY XIV Online – Complete Edition when ordering their favourite pizzas for a limited time.
From today until 28th July, anyone ordering a FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Pizza and Gaming bundle containing three traditional pizzas, one garlic bread and a 1.25 litre drink for $53.95 if collected and $59.95$ if delivered will receive a FINAL FANTASY XIV Online – Complete Edition download code for PC, while stocks last. This includes the critically-acclaimed FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn, alongside expansions HeavenswardStormblood, and the universally-praised Shadowbringers.
Final Fantasy XIV and Domino’s Pizza promotion

Final Fantasy XIV and Domino’s Pizza promotion

In order to take advantage of the offer, customers must enter the following codes when confirming their orders online:
  • For collection: 239495
  • For delivery: 741327
Readers that are interested can find a link to this promotion on the Domino’s Pizza website here where you can also read through the terms and conditions.

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