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Blu-Ray Releases

Blu-ray Updates and Releases This Week

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It’s a pretty quiet week for home video releases. Australia gets two forgettable films while America gets one gem.


Australians get Alex Cross on Blu-ray this week. Starring Tyler Perry, Alex Cross was a box office failure with a budget of $35 million and only making $30.3 million. The Blu-ray doesn’t appear to come with any DVD or Digital Copies.
The Man with the Iron Fists also comes out on Blu-ray today. The Russell Crowe starring Man with the Iron Fists was only a mild box office success with a budget of $15 million and making $19.7 million. Similar to Mr. Cross, Iron Fists doesn’t appear to come with any DVD or Digital Copies.


The Academy Award winner Django Unchained arrives on Blu-ray this week. The Quentin Tarantino directing masterpiece continues to be a success with a $100 million budget and over $400 million in the bank. The standard release of Django comes with a DVD and Ultraviolet digital copy while other retailers have different choices. Target is offering a Steelbook and Bonus Disc along with the standard goodies. Best Buy has exclusive content and packaging along with a Blu-ray and Ultraviolet Digital Copy (no DVD copy). Finally, Wal-Mart has a bonus disc with and the standard goodies. Resident Entertainment recommends a Target purchase. A review of the Django Unchained Blu-ray will be up on Resident Entertainment sometimes this week.
That’s it for this week. Americans got only one release but it was a doozy while Australia got two mediocre releases. The winner this week goes to America!

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