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Far Cry 5 Dead Living Zombies Now Available

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Ubisoft has just announced that Far Cry 5 Dead Living Zombies which is the third post launch event for the game is now available on the PS4, Xbox One and PC. You can watch the trailer for the event in the video below:

Ubisoft says that players will explore seven different film scenarios as they face hordes of the undead across rooftops, farmlands, military bases and more. After completing each map, players can unlock Score Attack to achieve three-star ratings, which will unlock weapons and gear to bring back to Hope County.

Additionally in an update the following features are now available for all Far Cry 5 players:

  •  New Game Plus: The highly anticipated New Game + allows players to restart the Far Cry 5 story after completing the main campaign, keeping their character progression. New Game + contains new elements such as upgradeable perks in the main campaign and the higher-difficulty Infamous mode, in which AI have more health, take more damage and react more quickly to a player’s presence.
  • Destructible Objects: Destructible Objects are generic building blocks that shatter into small cubes when shot or otherwise creatively destroyed. Objects range from geometric shapes to building elements – and players can combine different shapes and textures for nearly endless destructible fun.
  • Scripting Tool: The Scripting Tool allows mapmakers to trigger different actions in their maps based on player behaviour. For example, when players perform specific actions – like killing enemies, reaching a location or looking at specific objects – mapmakers can then change the time of day, teleport the player, add slow motion, change the music and add or remove enemies or gameplay objects. These tools open up a new realm of possibilities, allowing mapmakers to add an entirely new layer of visual storytelling to their creations.

For copies of Far Cry 5, you can find them at retailers or on Amazon Au right here.

Source: Ubisoft Australia

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