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Fear The Walking Dead

Fear The Walking Dead: Weak Review

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There Are Spoilers In Our Fear The Walking Dead: Weak Review

So the latest episode of Fear The Walking Dead just went to air and this week our characters who have become separated from each other in recent weeks continue to try to find their way after the hurricane. This episode also further introduces us to some of the newer characters.

One of the interesting parts of this episode was the development of Althea. I feel like that out of the characters introduced this year, this is the character that’s been focused on the least, but probably has a lot of potential to be interesting. In this episode the character becomes sick and someone steals her SWAT vehicle. The vehicle is quite precious to her and she can barely handle being without it.

One of the opportunities that I felt was missed out on with this episode was that really they could have used Althea’s moment of need in this episode to further develop her character. The show has been quite known recently to use flashbacks to earlier times to tell the story of a character’s past, but this didn’t happen here at all. We could have just got a little monologue about why the SWAT vehicle was so important to her, but we didn’t. I felt it was just a big missed opportunity to develop her character and the importance of the vehicle to her.

Much of the episode had focused in on Morgan, the new characters from last week and Althea and June. These two groups are separated and are hearing each other on the walkie talkies. The episode did a lot to reunite the two groups together. By the end of this week’s episode, it seemed that Morgan was starting to emerge as the leader of this new group of people. I’ve been noticing that his character is developing or moving towards leading and advising rather than following and advising. This is a nice direction for the character and I look forward to seeing Morgan’s character arc progress in the future.

Towards the end of the episode we see what appears to be the mid-season villain take out a minor character that caused June some trouble early on in this episode. The main reason this ends up important is because the woman now possesses the SWAT vehicle, which is armoured and has mounted guns. This would be a massive threat if used against Morgan and the rest of this group.

What I missed this week was that we didn’t get any new details on what Alicia is up to. Also where in the world is Victor Strand? What is he even doing? It was overall a good episode, but one that I felt missed quite a few opportunities to develop characters further. It mainly acted as an episode to reunite characters who were separated after the hurricane happened. Hope to see something more next week.

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