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Fear The Walking Dead

Fear The Walking Dead: What’s Your Story Review

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There Are Spoilers In Our Fear The Walking Dead: What’s Your Story Review – Episode Discussion

There Are Also Minor Spoilers Here About The Walking Dead Season 8 Finale Regarding Morgan

So it’s been some time since Fear The Walking Dead has been on air and it feels a long time since I’ve written about and reviewed the show, although with Season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead I was very impressed and thoroughly enjoyed season 3 and its finale. The Walking Dead also today just ended, with our review for its finale going online just a few hours ago. I don’t usually mention the main show in my Fear reviews because mostly they’re unrelated shows, but Season 4 of Fear is different, it’s the first time there’s a crossover between the two shows, meaning that now they are linked.

It seems that Morgan, who is a character we know quite well from his many appearances in The Walking Dead has now left that show, but instead of being killed off, he’s going on a character development journey which leads him to the set of Fear The Walking Dead. Morgan has been quite a conflicted character of late in The Walking Dead and is struggling with all the lives he has taken during his time with Rick and the war with Negan. The character went from a non violent stance, to a very violent one quite quickly and I think it broke him. A few episodes ago in The Walking Dead, both Rick and Morgan killed a bunch of prisoners, who I thought probably could have been saved and it was kind of a bad thing to do. Rick seems to have gotten over it, but I think this moment has taken a large toll on Morgan, especially as we’ve seen him haunted by one of the prisoners a couple times of late.

So basically with all the heavy burdens on his character, Morgan is seen in this episode of Fear The Walking Dead at the dump by himself which is where his time in The Walking Dead ended. We see a couple cast members from The Walking Dead in this episode, such as Carol, Jesus and also Rick try to persuade Morgan to stay and heal with them. But the man is broken, Morgan is lost and needs to leave and he does. He starts walking, running, driving and killing walkers along the way with his stick. All the way until he encounters new characters and eventually the core group of cast members/characters we all know and love from Fear The Walking Dead.

This episode introduces us to a few new characters, most notably Althea who is played by Maggie Grace and John Dorie who is played by Garret Dillahunt. Both actors do a fine job in their first episode and the two drive a S.W.A.T truck and are I guess a bit like Eugene, Rosita and Abraham were in The Walking Dead. They’re trying to survive and they’re on their way just travelling. There’s some rough moments with Walkers and other humans they encounter, but they eventually all join up together with Morgan and wind up finding Alicia on the road looking injured. It’s a trap though and other Fear The Walking Dead main characters are all there and they’re holding guns. Without saying much more other than that there’s dangerous people around, the episode ends and we get to wait for next week.

I thought that overall the plot of this episode was well done. Fear The Walking Dead is a slower paced show than The Walking Dead is and the story of Morgan getting to the main characters from Fear, I think could have probably been done quicker, but for fans of Morgan and his character it is an important time for the character to develop, which makes me glad that it wasn’t rushed at all. I thought that Lennie James who plays Morgan did a fine job in this episode. There was also a little bit of a different look to the episode, it was almost all black and white, but it kind of wasn’t with little bits of colour all throughout lots of the shots. I guess it was a filter on the episode, but it looked nice. Morgan’s story is meant to be a dark one so maybe why the filter was used, but I guess next week we’ll see the Fear The Walking Dead in full colour again. But for this episode was nicely done.

I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next week and also finding out what the characters of the show have been up to and how they got to where they were when Morgan found them. Season 3 of Fear ended with quite the cliffhanger and my only disappointment with this episode was that we didn’t really get to see any of that at all in this one as it was all about Morgan. It’s nice, but I want to see what everyone’s been doing. Next week should give us that, so I’m excited to see. But it’s great to see Fear The Walking Dead back on TV.


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