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Game Of Thrones Beyond The Wall Review

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There Are Spoilers In Our Game Of Thrones Beyond The Wall Review – Watch The Episode Then Read ūüôā

So the penultimate episode for this year’s season of Game Of Thrones just aired and it was no small episode either, with massive events unfolding all across the world.

Jon and his team of what I call the expendables travel beyond the wall in search of one of the dead so they can bring them back and show everyone. As we’ve seen, it’s been decided that this is the only way to get everyone to believe the story of the dead army.

It’s an interesting journey that Jon undertakes. It’s a very cold and icy episode, where Jon, The Hound and the rest of some of Game Of Thrones’ toughest warriors travel out into the snow in search of someone who’s dead to capture. Eventually they do find someone, but unfortunately for the group the dead one screams louder than anyone ever could and it’s not long before an army of dead warriors start chasing the group.

Like a scene out of The Walking Dead, there’s now hundreds, possibly thousands of undead chasing poor Jon and his group. Strangely they end up in the middle of a frozen lake and become encircled. The dead can’t advance though because they might fall in the water and Jon and his group can’t escape because they’re surrounded. Luckily they sent a messenger to run back, with tremendous pace he runs as fast as he can and gets a message to Daenerys to rescue them all.

Even though that I feel that in writing down what happened, it doesn’t seem so intense. Watching it on TV just an hour ago and having to sit though all of this, I actually did feel some tension and anticipation for what could happen to these characters. As the dead slowly started advancing towards them all and then overwhelming Jon’s position on the lake, I thought maybe some big expendable characters were about to leave the show and they did.

Eventually it all came good in the end when Daenerys comes to the rescue with her dragons. The dead are really no match and like when she appeared against the Lannister forces, she disposed of much of the army fairly quickly. But one big thing happened here, the King of the dead was able to take down a dragon with a spear. This is a complete disaster for Daenerys’ war effort and while she doesn’t show so much emotion in this episode, I feel this is really going to impact her character. As she says at the end of the episode, these dragons are like her children. I guess it’s the turning point for an alliance between Jon and Daenerys.

Daenerys in Game Of Thrones Season 7 episode 6

Daenerys in Game Of Thrones Season 7 episode 6

The second biggest thing out of this episode and this was one I guess I was kind of expecting, but wasn’t sure if it could happen. The dead are able to awaken the dead dragon and we see it get the infamous blue eye. This means that the army now has a dragon of its own. What could this all mean I wonder? How will anyone be able to even kill that one?

Apart from what was happening with Jon and Daenerys. There were quite a few scenes between Arya and Sansa. Littlefinger is manipulating these two against each other for some reason, I am not sure yet what he gains. But there’s something developing here that may have a greater impact later on in the show or maybe in the next episode. I just can’t really see where this plot might be going yet, although I’m very interested.

I very much enjoyed this episode of Game Of Thrones. I didn’t mention the costumes this week, but the one Daenerys was wearing when she rode out to rescue Jon was very impressive. The action scenes were great and the dragon special effects seem to be getting better every week. There was a lot of tension in this episode and that’s what I like about this show. I wasn’t so sure who would survive this one and so many characters’ lives were on the line. With one episode left, it seems anything could happen at this point. But the army of the dead looks to be the major threat for next season for everyone.

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