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Game Of Thrones Eastwatch Review

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Please Note: There Are Spoilers In Our Game Of Thrones Eastwatch Review – Watch The Episode Then Read ūüôā

Eastwatch is the fifth episode of the seventh season of Game Of Thrones. This episode is another big one for the season, for what to me seems to be possibly a season too short. With only 7 episodes listed for this year, this one is really quite close to the end of it all.

Much of this episode takes place after the results of last week’s battle between Daenerys’ forces and that of the army Jamie Lannister was commanding. It starts where last week left off by picking up just after the cliffhanger. Is Jamie Lannister still alive after all that happened? For Jamie fans, they’ll be delighted to know that he is.

Jamie and Bronn ponder the results of their battle and Jamie doesn’t see any way his forces could possibly defeat the dragons and Daenerys’ forces. So after a few moments he decides he needs to tell Cersei all about it.

My issue with this episode is an issue I had from last week, it’s that characters seem to be travelling accross the map at tremendous pace. It’s not long before Jamie is back with Cersei in the castle. There’s later scenes where Tyrion travels there from Dragonstone and also returns back there within the same episode to see Jorah off for his new mission. These aren’t the only characters who do this, with Jon being able to travel tremendous distances as well. Now I understand they’ve only got 7 episodes, but really, the pacing is way too fast for a show that was for so long so slow.

The special effects in this episode were great. I enjoyed the dragon scenes with Jon quite a lot. For a television show, these are beyond expectation. Although maybe the budget was spent possibly unwisely on an unmemorable scene of Jon touching a dragon, but it was still nice to look at.

There were some developments on the Targaryen side of the war. Daenerys has become particularly aggressive with her power and in the process of getting some of the remaining Lannister and Tyrell forces to join, she burnt alive two members of the Tarly family who wouldn’t, I guess that’s pretty much almost the end of that family line, except for Samwell.

Samwell had some significant character developments. Mostly being sick of working with and listening to a bunch of pretty poor scholars, he pretty much decided to choose his path in life and completely left the place. I guess in search of a way to defeat the army of the dead? I’m not sure about this plot, wasn’t that the whole point of Dragonstone? He’s already told everyone about it.

At this point of the show it seems the armies of much of the characters except for the Lannisters are moving their focus towards the army of the dead. But I imagine this plot might not be resolved until next season. For this year I do wonder what might happen between the Lannisters and Daenerys’ forces, will they really reach an agreement? I’m excited to see what comes out of the two remaining episodes.

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