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Game Review – Cattails RPG

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“Cattails” is an independent RPG created by a husband and wife duo. They posted a Kickstarter Campaign earlier this year and in only 6 hours, they were totally blown away by donations backing their creation. “Cattails” has been released on PC for all to enjoy!

“Cattails” is a classic RPG game about being a cat, and living your life in the wild. At the beginning of the game you are abandoned and left to fend for yourself in the forest, but with the help of other cats, you are taught basic instincts of survival such as hunting, and fighting. Then you are accepted into one of the three cat colonies that rule this land.

Hunting is one of the main parts of the game. Not only for food, but you can also sell your hunts to purchase other items in game. Sneak up on the hidden prey, time your pounce perfectly and you can add it to your inventory. It’s actually quite fun, as it is graphic. (In 8 Bit!)

The game feels like a”Stardew Valley” but with cats. The seasons change so every day is different in this super detailed “Cat World”, aka the forest. Your cat even has their your own customisable den and there are lots of unlocks to be obtained through game-play and special events.



Just like any normal RPG you have your map, inventory and skills which can be upgraded throughout your adventure. Similar to Stardew Valley, the day will change as the time goes by, your cat will get hungry, so you will need to hunt, and then spend the night in your den. As you progress through the game you can make friends, enemies and lovers. You can even start a family and raise a litter of kittens so they can enjoy the adventure with you.

Thank you to Falcon Development for giving me Early Access to this wonderful game. I have a feeling the world is going to embrace this amazing open, detailed and ever changing game you have created.

Available for now on Steam for PC.

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