'American Made,' New 'Breakfast Club' Remaster Come to Blu-ray

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‘American Made,’ New ‘Breakfast Club’ Remaster Come to Blu-ray

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The first week of 2018 brings two well-received wide releases to Blu-ray. High-energy biopics American Made and Battle of the Sexes will join a new remaster of The Breakfast Club by Criterion. Throw in the indies Breathe with Andrew Garfield and Brad’s Status with Ben Stiller and it’s a crowded first opening week of the year.

Here are some of the Blu-ray releases for the week of Tuesday, Jan. 2, according to Blu-ray.com.


American Made – After taking in about $135 million at the box office since opening in September, Tom Cruise flies to your Blu-ray collection as a pilot drug-running for the CIA. Fans of the film will find about 10 minutes of deleted scenes among other bonus content of the cast and crew talking about the film. A 4K version will be available with a Blu-ray and a digital copy. The standard Blu-ray comes with a DVD and the digital copy.

Battle of the Sexes – The good reviews, lack of serious competition and the star power of Emma Stone and Steve Carell couldn’t bring this movie to success. After pulling in less than $20 million at the box office, maybe the movie will translate into a bigger hit at home — especially with Stone and Carell scoring Golden Globe nominations. The Billie Jean King biopic comes with conversations with the cast, crew and King. The Blu-ray itself comes with a DVD and a digital copy.

Brad’s Status – The second feature by School of Rock co-star/writer Mike White (he played Jack Black’s roommate) has Ben Stiller taking his son to colleges as he rethinks his life after seeing his old friends have become more “successful” than him. Talks with Stiller and White will be there as bonus content. The Blu-ray comes with a digital copy.

Breathe – Andrew Garfield stars in the true story of a 28-year-old who is paralyzed from the neck down by polio and becomes an advocate for the disabled. The movie is the first to be directed by Andy Serkis, the motion-capture king behind Gollum, Caesar and Snoke. The deleted scenes and a featurette with the cast and crew are sure to take your breath away. The Blu-ray comes with a digital copy.

oh, look, kevin spacey’s last movie also came out…Rebel in the Rye didn’t make it out in time for the holiday season…..missed opportunity for a stocking stuffer….


The Breakfast Club – The John Hughes classic gets its second upgrade on Blu-ray. The first release was a 25th anniversary edition, which was then followed by a 30th anniversary edition with a new transfer. Now, three years after that, Criterion joins the club. There are over 50 minutes of never-before-released deleted scenes, two audio interviews with Hughes totaling over an hour, another hour of interviews with cast and crew and a lot more. An old DVD audio commentary with Anthony Michael Hall and Judd Nelson from the previous Blu-rays is also available. Look for this one to be reviewed on Resident Entertainment soon.

Next week has box office sensation It, box office blunder Friend Request, the My Little Pony movie and the Thurgood Marshall biopic with Chadwick Boseman.

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