'New Mutants' Update: Creative Differences, Half of Movie May Be Reshot

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‘New Mutants’ Update: Creative Differences, Half of Movie May Be Reshot

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Over half of The New Mutants may be reshot and creative differences are afoot with director and co-writer Josh Boone (The Fault in Our Stars), according to Collider on Tuesday.

Despite the movie testing well, the suits at the studio wish to make significant changes to New Mutants. A new character, or possibly two, will be added throughout the entire movie, thus requiring at least half of the movie to be reshot. The studio also wants the movie to be scarier and to stand on its own in the X-Men franchise like the super raunchy Deadpool, the highest-grossing X-Men movie, and the super violent Logan, the only superhero movie to receive a screenwriting Oscar nomination.

All of this has now led to creative differences with Boone, who is said to have been happy with the cut he already gave the studio.

The movie follows a group of young superpowered adults coming to terms with their powers in a psychiatric hospital. Boone directs from a script he wrote with Knate Lee (Kidnap). It’s the first horror movie of the X-Men franchise unless you count how horrifying X-Men Origins: Wolverine is.

The New Mutants is now scheduled for Aug. 2, 2019 after being one of the many 20th Century Fox movies to have its release date shuffled on Monday. One of those movies was X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Click here for more info on that movie’s production and every other Fox-Marvel flick in the works.

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