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The Curse Of The Weeping Woman Review

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The Curse Of The Weeping Woman is a film which comes directed by Michael Chaves and stars Linda Cardellini, Raymond Cruz, Patricia Velasquez, Roman Christou, Tony Amendola and Jaynee-Lynne Kinchen. The film is a horror film about a ghost known as the weeping woman, who can be heard weeping at certain times of the day by children, but once seen, she causes great danger to anyone who approaches.

This was a film that actually I didn’t really know anything at all about before going to see it. To be honest, before watching this I had not watched the trailer and had only seen a few posters for it at the cinema the past few weeks. Going in there having not really any idea what I was in for was a little better I feel when it comes to seeing a horror film like this. Watching the trailer now, I can see that quite a bit of the film is given away and the surprise of it all won’t be there as much for the viewer.

As a horror film, this film relies heavily on jump scares to shock its audience. Director Michael Chaves does well in certain scenes to lure the viewer in, with characters slowly walking into quiet areas, where they encounter the weeping woman. Then just when things feel safe, she seemingly jumps out of nowhere and grabs a someone’s arm and gives them quite a scare. The entire film sort of feels like a haunted house ride at your local theme park.

An interesting thing about The Curse Of The Weeping Woman is that it takes place within the Conjuring universe. In fact, the priest in this film is the same character from the first Annabelle film. It’s all connected. While everyone has been obsessed with the DC and Marvel Universes, slowly, over the years, quite a few films have emerged from the Conjuring universe of films and most of them quite good and rather memorable. Whether this film will be remembered or not I am not sure. I felt that I enjoyed this one and got more scares out of it than the recent release of The Nun. Both films are ones that I’d like to just watch once at the cinema, but I’ll probably not re-watch them over and over. But as a first time viewing experience by The Curse Of The Weeping Woman and The Nun are both a good time at the cinema.

The Curse Of The Weeping Woman Review

The Curse Of The Weeping Woman Review

The actors in this are all okay. It has a lot of kids in it. They’re all not bad. The adults are all okay as well, the best of the bunch was Linda Cardellini. Obsessed Marvel Universe people may recognise her as Laura Barton from Avengers; Age Of Ultron.

The special effects in this are decent. A lot of work looks to have gone into the design of the weeping woman herself and I also appreciated the look of the sets in this film. Much of it takes place in a single house, which is rather large and scary, especially at night. I also really enjoyed seeing Father Perez’s church again, which is a very large building. I do also wonder if it is actually a real church somewhere or what that building actually is now that I’ve seen it twice.

The Curse Of The Weeping Woman Review

The Curse Of The Weeping Woman Review

Overall The Curse Of The Weeping Woman is a fun horror film, with the right amount of jump scares to keep you on the edge of your seat. The film’s director Michael Chaves did well with luring the audience into certain scenes which did a lot to make things a little more scary for the audience. As a film set within The Conjuring universe, it’s certainly a must see for fans as there’s little bits in there which must be seen. I had quite a good time with this at the cinema and enjoyed it just as much as I did enjoy The Nun, maybe just a little more.

Additional Info: In some regions this film is known as The Curse of La Llorona, the film name seems to have been changed by the studio in order to market the film. Not much information about this is online except for this reddit thread discussing the name change.

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