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The Walking Dead The Bridge Review

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There are spoilers in our The Walking Dead The Bridge Review – Episode Discussion

So the latest episode of The Walking Dead just aired and this one picks up almost immediately after the events of last week’s massive season premiere. This week’s episode was all about the afer math of the Gregory hanging and how this even has been perceived by the people in Rick and Maggie’s group. Secondly, it’s also about the struggles of the group in general when it comes to being one cohesive group of people, whereas right now, it’s still separated into Rick’s people and Negan’s people.

I was very excited to see this episode this week, I had been very impressed with last week’s episode and thought the show had some great things going for it this season. I’d say that this week, there’s certainly some interesting things happening, but also some really silly things I don’t really like too.

First I’d like to talk about the silly things. Last week we saw The King and Carol being a little close and there was talk about a relationship, but I thought it was a joke. This week we see things escalate with The King giving Carol a ring. I’m not too sure about this relationship and I don’t see any chemistry at all between the actors or the characters. It seems completely forced in and it’s odd to watch that. Not sure what my readers think about it, let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear what others think.

The second thing that I didn’t like about this episode was the amount of time that was spent on the morals of the Gregory execution. I’d thought that it was quite clear in last week’s episode that there were some ethical issues about Maggie’s decision, especially after the kids were near when it happened. But this week, it seemed that we just went over what was already obvious. Yes, possibly Maggie made the wrong decision. But also maybe she didn’t, maybe she did what was necessary? Like Negan did when he took out Glenn. The question  is I guess where does Maggie’s character go from here? She’s one of the more interesting characters in the show and I’m keen to see her develop.

Rick this week had a big episode. He’s leading his group in multiple locations and I think is really struggling with managing both his group of people and the newly conquered saviours. There’s even a slight reference to slaves at one point, which I don’t think was Rick’s intention but the questioning of his intentions is an odd position for a leader to be in, whereas Negan had his group of key loyalists, which Rick does have in his group, there’s quite a bit of tension there this season and I worry for the character. Towards the end when we see Negan, things do get interesting, but does Rick really believe he’s doing as well as he says he is to Negan? The group is hardly flourishing and I don’t think Negan believes Rick at all.

As far as action goes for this week, there was a Walker assault on one of Daryl’s work areas and one guy’s arm got stuck under a tree. The effects there were pretty good and the arm damage was a strong amount of gore and good overall.

Just a comment on Daryl this week. His character was very hard on the saviour who failed to use the walkie, but he didn’t really do anything to the guy at all the dropped the tree on his man’s arm. We can see that Daryl is going slowly over to team Maggie here and there’s a friction in Rick’s group between people who accept the saviours and people who don’t.

Towards the end of the episode, we saw a plane/helicopter? In the sky and someone hit the Saviour in the face making it quite a few times he was beat up this episode. I’m happy with the episode this week, didn’t like some parts, but the season still has a lot of potential. I’m keen to see how things pan out next week.

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