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Dragon Ball Super Episode 101 Review

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Please Note There Are Spoilers In our Dragon Ball Super Episode 101 Review

So episode 101 of Dragon Ball Super just aired and in it our warriors continue with their fight to survive in the tournament of power.

For me this was one of the more entertaining episodes of the tournament. There was a great mixture of fighters in this episode with us as the viewer being able to see many of the Universe 7 fighters in action, these included Frieza, Goku, Android 17 and 18 as well as Caulifla and Kale from Universe 6.

The main opponents in this episode are 5 of the Pride Troopers, not including Jiren and Toppo who seem to go to some other area of the arena in order to save their stamina. The five members are told to single out Goku, who is near Caulifla and Kale at the time. For some reason the group of 5 are overconfident and decide to take on the two female saiyans as well.

For the first part of their fight the 5 Pride Troopers seem to have the advantage. Goku is grabbed by one of them who has the ability to increase his weight and is struggling to get out. Caulifla and Kale get caught up with one of the other members of the Pride Troopers and are struggling to fight. Out of nowhere though, Androids 17 and 18 appear and engage in the fight. It’s at this point where things start going bad for the Pride Troopers and they’re pretty much easily disposed of by the Universe 7 fighters, Android 17 being especially savage at times (he was once a villain don’t forget!).

The main big point of this episode though was the development of both Caulifla and Kale. These two saiyans are pushed to their limits by the Pride Troopers and are set upon in a really unfair way. It was surprising I thought that Kale was even able to perform in this episode especially after what happened last week. The two females are pushed to their limts and I guess in a way their characters are developed, Kale gains control over her power, a thing she didn’t have just last week and a few minutes ago in their time. I do like this development, even though it’s fast plotwise for it to happen, I am quite a big fan of Caulifla and I’m interested to see where things could be taken with both her and Kale.

Caulifla and Kale in Dragon Ball Super

Caulifla and Kale in Dragon Ball Super

It was overall a pretty great episode and I loved the moment where Frieza got hounded by Vegeta for stealing his opponent. I’m interested to see these two characters go to their full potential later in the tournament. As there was a mention of the weak fighters tiring and the time coming for stronger fighters to come out, I do wonder what will come.

It seems Universe 2 is stepping up from the preview, it’s a female dominated team. How will Universe 7 perform against these opponents? We’ve all seen Vegeta fighting one of the women in the opening, how will it go?

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