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Game Of Thrones: The Queen’s Justice Review

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Please Note There Are Spoilers In Our Game Of Thrones: The Queen’s Justice Review Discussion

So the fourth episode of Game Of Thrones season 7 just aired. This one was probably one of the more dramatic episodes for the season so far, with the story jumping between the events happening at Dragonstone with Daenerys and what’s happening with the Lannister’s at King’s Landing. Both characters hold positions against each other and as seen in last week’s episode, their armies have moved across Westeros, now it’s time for the drama to unfold.

This episode had one of the more interesting scenes at the beginning, as it had a much awaited meeting between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. With both characters being across the map for much of the show, unless I’m mistaken, they’ve never met.

The arrival of Jon Snow at Dragonstone, with things from the meeting itself aside, I would like to compliment the lovely set locations used for shooting the scenes there as well as the design of much of the interior Dragonstone architecture which looked beautiful on screen.

Daenerys for much of the meeting presents herself as the more powerful ruler and asks for Jon to bow down at her and pledge his allegiance, based on some old pledge from one of his relatives. But Jon Snow being the stubborn one he is, doesn’t see the benefit and makes the point to Daenerys multiple times that there’s an army of undead coming for everyone and no one believes him. Eventually the two reach a trade agreement for some dragon glass in the hope of a better alliance.

It seems to me that after the events of last week, with Euron destroying a significant part of Daenerys’ fleet that she’s become weakened. But it was not until the end of this episode that we learnt that there was a twist to the taking of Casterly Rock, with Jamie Lannister moving the army away and leaving only a small force for the siege which managed to take out quite a few of the Unsullied before being overwhelmed. With Daenerys’ forces now significantly weakened, maybe she will need Jon Snow more than she thought? What moves does she really have? She trusted Tyrion’s military advice as well, what could happen to him I wonder?

The other half of the episode was all Lannister based. We see both Cersei and Jamie make some pretty significant moves in this one. I think for this season they’re really being positioned as the show’s villains, they were always kind of bad, but they’re complicated characters. Could they hold on to the throne in the end? It seems still that maybe they could.

Euron delivers some prisoners to Cersei and she has her revenge on them for killing her daughter a while back and uses the same poison. Jamie does the same to the Olenna, using poison to kill her too, did he know she killed Joffrey when she told him I do wonder? He didn’t give much of a reaction.

Again I’d like to mention as I did last week that the costumes this week again are all excellent. This is probably one of the best looking shows on TV at the moment and the attention to detail for the outfits is amazing. The battle scenes were also fairly decent this week and so too was the transitions between dialogue and battle.

Overall this was in my view the strongest episode of the season so far. For what to me seemed like a slow start to the year with the premiere episode, this one sure did deliver with both drama and action. Hopefully there’s some more greatness to come in future episodes.

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