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Dragon Ball Super Episode 125 Review

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There Are Spoilers In Our Dragon Ball Super Episode 125 Review

So the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super just aired and in this one we continue on with the Universe Survival tournament, which is each week, getting closer and closer to its end.

I unfortunately wasn’t able to review last week’s episode in time, but I would like to mention that I did love the episode and enjoyed seeing Gohan and Frieza work together against Dyspo.

Like when Frieza saved Gohan when he was up against Jimeze earlier in the arc, this time Gohan stepped in to save Frieza from being eliminated by an opponent he was struggling with. We saw a little bit of strain on the side of Golden Frieza and we now all know its limitations, but in last week’s episode Gohan was impressive and made a noble sacrifice in the end to eliminate Dyspo. It was nicely done and a good end to Gohan’s role in this tournament.

This week we see our remaining fighters, which are now just 4. Goku, Vegeta, 17 and Frieza go up against the remaining opponents of Universe 11, Toppo and Jiren.

In the early parts of this episode we see a little bit more of the fight between Goku and Vegeta v Jiren but even with a 2v1 matchup it seems they are barely making a dent in Jiren. Although earlier in the arc, it looked like the new limit breaker Vegeta form as well as Goku’s power could maybe be a match. Watching this episode shows that actually Jiren is still ahead and is managing well against the two. Most noticeably, this is seen when Vegeta shoots his special beam cannon at Jiren while Goku held him and Jiren blocked it by just staring at it. Knocking Jiren off like Frieza did with Gohan holding Dyspo is just not going to work. But what will?

On the other side of the episode and really the big thing out of it was the fight between Toppo and 17/Frieza. Early on we see 17 evading Toppo by running around and trying to run down the time on the clock. It’s working quite well and Toppo is struggling to do anything against 17, I guess Toppo’s just a little slow and I think his fighting style is more like an up close brawler. In the end though Toppo decides to finish things in one hit and 17 and Toppo are caught in a Ki blast battle. It’s here where Frieza steps in and starts shooting Toppo in the back.

Golden Frieza in Dragon Ball Super Episode 125

Golden Frieza in Dragon Ball Super Episode 125

Frieza being a more evil character taunts Toppo and continues to shoot him in the back, which causes the blast from 17 to consume Toppo. It looks like it’s all over for Toppo and Frieza stands in front of him and starts calling him “trash”. Insults his now broken uniform (a thing Toppo takes great pride in) and really just makes him angry. From Frieza I guess it’s an example of how cruel the character can be at times (he is the villain of the show after all).

However Toppo is not beaten, he manages to get up and no longer fights for justice and embraces the power of destruction. Toppo is now just as powerful as a God of Destruction. How strong he is in relation to Beerus or other Gods is unknown, but this power level is very high so he’s not going to be easy to take out. The thing that I don’t know at the moment is if Frieza or even 17 can sense God Ki like Goku or Vegeta can. We see the fight stop with Jiren because they all sensed how strong Toppo was, but Frieza and 17 did not share the same reaction. Frieza was overconfident having survived destruction energy in the past and took a blast of it much larger and was almost destroyed.

God Of Destruction Toppo

God Of Destruction Toppo

Going forward from here it seems that Toppo is going to be the one to take down for the next few episodes. Frieza was badly wounded in this episode and let his ego get the most of him, which was his downfall. 17 is not going to be much of a match for Toppo as he can’t do any damage, so where to from here I don’t know. Although this week there were no eliminations so I do wonder if Frieza will make a return to the fight, I’m sure he will and I don’t think this is the end for the character.

I look forward to seeing what might come out of next week’s episode. It looks like from the preview that Vegeta is going to take Toppo on and I think this will be an interesting matchup. The two have fought before, but not as seriously. I also wonder if Goku will continue to fight Jiren alone or if things might stop for a bit there. I’d also like to just mention that the animation this week as also quite excellent.

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