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Dragon Ball Super Episode 126 Review

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There Are Some Spoilers In Our Dragon Ball Super Episode 126 Review

So episode 126 of Dragon Ball Super just aired and in this one, Frieza and Android 17 continue in their fight against the new God of Destruction, Toppo. With only 2 warriors remaining in Universe 11, Toppo is doing everything he can to knock off the remaining fighters of Universe 7. Will Universe 7 be able to stop Toppo though?

I think that as episodes go, this one had some interesting character developments in it and interestingly it was all to do with both Toppo and Vegeta’s characters.

But first we had the end of the fight between Frieza/17 and Toppo. At first, as we saw last week, it looked like it was just going to be 17 against Toppo due to how badly Frieza was beaten last week. But just as it looked liked 17 would be defeated as he just can’t match Toppo’s raw power. Frieza returns with a ki blast, interrupting Toppo’s finishing move and saving 17. Possibly because Frieza owed 17 as he did save him last week and I think it’s in line with Frieza’s thinking that he should save 17. Much like when Frieza saved Goku and gave him energy, calling their debts even back then.

Frieza tries to use telekenisis on Toppo and at first it looks like he’s got him stuck. Toppo is paralysed and can’t move, but eventually breaks free and both Frieza and 17 are struggling to match Toppo’s raw power.

Out of nowhere, the fight is interrupted by the residual blasts from the fight between Goku/Vegeta v Jiren and one of Jiren’s ki blasts hits 17 and Frieza knocking them out of the fight with Toppo. It’s here where things change up and Toppo moves to attack Vegeta, freeing Jiren from fighting to two at the same time.

Vegeta as we know has a new form now and while I don’t know the oficial name of his form, I will stick to calling it limit breaker Vegeta. Toppo looks to have the upper hand in the fight at first and Vegeta isn’t able to counter much of what Toppo does.

But just as Vegeta looks defeated, he finds some strength and motivation in thinking about what he is fighting for. Vegeta remembers Bulma, his family and also his promise to wish Cabba and the rest of the saiyans back. These thoughts give Vegeta the motivation to fight and eventually defeat Toppo.

It’s here in this fight between Vegeta and Toppo that we see the biggest contrast between the two characters. Both in the past have been the strongest in terms of pride. Toppo in fact leads the “Pride Troopers” and takes pride in things like Justice and his uniform of all things. Vegeta as we know is a proud Saiyan Prince and we know is strong in pride too. But the difference between the two at this point, is that Toppo gave up what he was most proud of in order to embrace the power of destruction. This meant that his character in a way lost what he stood for the most and Vegeta of all people pointed that out when he said “you’re a loser who can’t even protect his own pride” to Toppo as he moved to defeat him. In my view this fight not only represents the physical defeat of Toppo, but also the breaking of his whole character and what he is supposed to be and also stand for.

In the end of the episode, we see a tired Vegeta having defeated Toppo using the same technique he used against Majin Buu in Dragon Ball Z. But did not sacrifice himself this time and is still alive and well.

With Jiren being the only one left in the tournament to stand up for Universe 11, it’s up to him to defeat all 4 of Universe 7’s remaining fighters. It looks like he’s going to power up now and cause some trouble for Goku and his friends, but how he can defeat all 4 when he was struggling against 2 at a time is unknown to me. Unless his power up is something pretty major next week.

Overall this was another great episode of the show and one that had a strong theme of pride running through the episode. It was good to see Vegeta perform well, but we are left with many questions for next week. How exactly will Jiren perform against the 4 remaining fighters and why was he smiling so much in the end?

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