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EA’s Gamescom 2017 Show + Comments

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So another year of Gamescom is now underway and EA has just done their major presentation for the year. In it they showcased quite a few new things for either upcoming games, or new additions to their existing titles which have large player bases and communities. You can watch the full EA show from Gamecom 2017 on YouTube below. There’s a countdown timer at the start, just skip ahead to the end of that, that’s where the show starts.

EA’s Gamescom 2017 Show

I’ve now watched the entire show and I thought what they showed here seemed decent enough. Out of all the titles they showed, there weren’t any that I thought were a guaranteed must buy, but all the franchises such as Battlefield, The Sims and Need For Speed have for a long time been pretty much a standard repeat purchase for me, so I guess I’m kind of expecting something new from them each year.

One of the big things at the beginning of the show is the massive deal made about the new Star Wars Battlefront 2. Now I do remember the first Battlefront a few years ago and I was one of the people that purchased it on PC. Now this is a game that had incredible hype around it and its release. But I do know as a buyer that it was only really just an average experience at best. Sure it was nice to play in the Star Wars Universe on my new PC with max settings, but the game just always felt a little empty to me.

There’s a massive fan base around Star Wars and it’s probably even bigger now after the release of the new films. It seems they’ve been able to do some interesting things with the ships for the second game in the series. I mainly am just hoping that it’s more fun than the first one. From what I saw it looks promising, but I do hope it’s not just more of the same.

There were multiple announcements made for The Sims 4. With the game now coming out on consoles, the new additions of pets and also the soon the be released Toddler Stuff pack. There’s a lot coming to fans of The Sims 4 and I didn’t even mention the new mobile game they’re bringing out. As a long time Sims player, I feel that these additions are welcome. I always knew the game would come to consoles one day. All the rest had in the past and I never really believed it wouldn’t.

The pets on the other hand is great news for the series and it’s an expansion pack I might be interested in getting soon, especially since it’s been some time since I played the Sims 4, it’s a good reason to come back to it.

Need For Speed made an impression. There seemed to be some deal done between EA and BMW because we had quite a good look at the new BMW M5 which I was told has the ability to change between four wheel drive and two wheel drive at the press of a button. That’s also a real feature and not just an in-game one! How amazing! I also really loved that beautifully chosen dark red colour for that vehicle, it just looked awesome. We got to see some new gameplay for the game and also a couple cinematics. It looks a little similar to the last two Need For Speed titles though, but I do hope it’s much improved compared to those two.

Need For Speed BMW M5 Gamescom 2017

Need For Speed BMW M5 Gamescom 2017

Battlefield 1 took up most of the end of the show. There’s a new map and a bunch of new skins and additional content coming for players of that game to enjoy. There was a substantially long gameplay video of two teams fighting for control of the new map. There’s only 1 tank for each of the teams and things looked actually very difficult (I guess of course if the teams are good though).

There is one new original title from EA which was shown, it’s called Fe. It’s an animated art style game with a unique appearance. I thought the video didn’t really capture what this was about and was a bit lost with it all. But I strongly encourage original content so I’d be happy to see more from this as it comes along. It won’t be releasing until next year so I guess they don’t want to show it all yet.

It was overall a decent show. It did what it was supposed to do and showed us basically what EA is releasing over the coming months and into I guess early next year. Much of their content is related to their existing franchises which are all massive, but it’s nice to see an original game in there as well.

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