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Escape Plan 2 Blu Ray Review

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Escape Plan 2 is a film which comes directed by Steven C. Miller who some may know as the director of 2017’s First Kill. The film stars Sylvester Stallone, Dave Bautista,  Xiaoming Huang,  Jesse Metcalfe,  50 Cent and Wes Chatham. The film is a sequel to Escape Plan, which released back in 2013 about a man trying to escape from one of the world’s most secure prisons.

Escape Plan 2 is a film I initially wanted to see at the cinema. I had watched the first one on home release and enjoyed it back then. Even though this one was without Arnold Schwarzenegger, it still had Sylvester Stallone and a decent cast for an action flick. But when it was released in theatres here in Australia, it only screened for about a week and then it was gone. I wasn’t at all free that week and completely missed out.

Now that it’s available on Blu Ray and DVD here in Australia I finally took a look. While I didn’t mind the film and like the actors involved, I didn’t think that this sequel really matched the quality of the first film. One of my main disappointments with this one was that there was such limited screen time for Sylvester Stallone and even less for Dave Bautista. Secondly Xiaoming Huang, who does his best, had heaps of screen time which was great, but just not what I was looking for with this film.

The action sequences are okay. There’s a lot of fight scenes and you’ll see all actors fight at least 1 person each throughout the film. There’s also some cgi moments in there, but they are only okay too.

For the most part Escape Plan 2 seemed to me to be an action movie filmed on a tight budget. Steven C. Miller tried his best directing this and you can see there’s a lot of close up camera scenes on the actors faces which is jarring to watch but I think was done as the sets weren’t big enough for wide shots.

As for the Blu Ray special features. there aren’t actually any. It’s just the film and a very nicely made menu for playing the movie and selecting the scenes. This Blu Ray is for those who are massive Sylvester Stallone fans and want this for their library of films so they don’t have one missing or for true Escape Plan franchise fans who need to complete their collection with this sequel. The film isn’t that bad of a time and if you’re curious about seeing it at home, depending on your choice this week, it could be worth renting digitally from your preferred store.

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