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A Star Is Born Review – Spoiler Free

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A Star Is Born Review – Spoiler Free

A Star Is Born is a film which comes directed by Bradley Cooper who also stars in the film alongside Lady Gaga. The film is about an ageing musician who due to alcoholism is suffering from a career which is going downhill. But things start to look up when the ageing musician finds a young talent who he helps to find fame.

Before going in to see this film, I actually wasn’t super hyped for it. I had seen the trailers and while I do love Bradley Cooper in any film and got the initial impression that this one might be something special as Bradley is also directing. For some reason nothing about it hyped me up at all. When seeing the initial marketing campaigns for A Star Is Born, I didn’t recognise that Lady Gaga was in this at all. Mostly because not being  follower of Lady Gaga at all, I just didn’t recognise her. I’m not sure what Lady Gaga fans think, but I felt that while Bradley Cooper being in this was strongly marketed, I didn’t really see much at all that Lady Gaga, one of the most famous voice talents in recent years was in this. It’s a big deal really.

But anyway. I went in to see A Star Is Born and honestly, this is a must watch film in 2018. I had no idea what I was in for going in to see this film. I must say, that while for the most part it is a sad story, coming out of it and leaving the cinema that night. I felt very happy. It’s very hard I think in modern cinema and rare actually to see a film that is actually quite a moving experience. Looking back at all that was released so far this year, there just isn’t at all anything like the experience of A Star Is Born.

The acting in this film is excellent. Bradley Cooper had a very tough role to play. His character’s name is Jack and he’s central to the story as the ageing musician, who is struggling with a lot of issues. Alcoholism is one of his great battles and because of this Bradley Cooper had a very diverse character to play and gave us in the audience one of his best performances on film. Lady Gaga was also very good and to be honest she was excellent. Lady Gaga, was more than I expected her to be and while I know she’s a singer and I expect this side of the film to be great from her and it was, her acting was just as good. Both Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga together excelled in this film and deliver great enough performances to warrant watching it alone.

Overall A Star Is Born is one of the best films of 2018. It was rare this year that I watched something with so much emotion and left the cinema so happy and rich from the experience. I highly recommend going out to see A Star Is Born and am still impressed by both Lady Gaga’s and Bradley Cooper’s performances. I can’t wait to see this one a second time.

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