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Fear The Walking Dead: Blackjack Review

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There Are Spoilers In Our Fear The Walking Dead: Blackjack Review – Episode Discussion

So the latest episode of Fear The Walking Dead just aired and this one allowed us to catch up with a couple of old characters that have been long absent for many episodes now such as Victor and Luciana. Blackjack also progresses with Morgan’s leadership of his new group and their box maintenance business.

The side of the episode which focused on Strand was all about the character being stuck. At this point it seems that Strand isn’t really going anywhere at all and his character I guess is in limbo right now. Luckily he wasn’t stuck on his own and had John Dorie there to motivate Victor to get back into the main plot of the show. It seems by the time the episode ended the two characters were well on their way to possibly meeting up with Morgan and the rest of the group very soon. I was a little disappointed with the Strand story line in this episode. It was long and stretched out and nothing all that much happened at all.

Luciana gets a bit of a better tale. She ends up helping a stranger who she finds and he’s a little injured. Luciana does a lot of good work in this episode and helps the old man quite a bit. This episode does help the Luciana character a little in that it establishes her as a good person.

Like last week though after June helped a sick Althea, Morgan is heard on the radio. Luciana will likely meet up with Morgan in the future as well and I think the same thing will happen to all characters in the show, even Alicia who is seen for a minor moment in this episode.

Morgan’s side of the story is where things are a little interesting. There’s a massive threat to his group from a single woman who seems to be named on IMDB only as ‘filthy woman’ right now. She’s stolen the SWAT truck, turned a couple of people into walkers and is now opening fire on the road on Morgan’s truck and his group. The episode ends in a cliffhanger after her attack, although I’m willing to bet quite safely that no one dies from the incident as Morgan did yell to everyone to get down.

As far as the Morgan arc is going. I am not too sure I like the angle they are taking with the villain. It makes no sense to me that she would be that triggered by the boxes Morgan is leaving around. Although this may be explained later, but for now it seems far fetched to go to all these lengths such as attacking Morgan’s group which is armed and everything else she’s doing so far. I’m curious to see where they are going with this arc, but so far to me she doesn’t seem to be a very strong villain as villains go in Fear The Walking Dead.

Overall this episode did quite a bit to bring more characters into the Morgan leadership arc. There’s a villain after his group and they’re having trouble with her as Morgan hasn’t really done anything at all to strike back yet. I’d be interested to see what happens when Alicia meets up with everyone else as she seems to be the most ruthless of our heroes at the moment.

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