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Fear The Walking Dead: Buried Review

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There Are Spoilers In our Fear The Walking Dead: Buried Review – Episode Discussion

So this week’s episode of Fear The Walking Dead just aired and it continues to build on the events of last week’s episode. In this one, Althea continues to unravel the story of what happened to Alicia and her group and we flashback to the past and learn more about what happened to their settlement at the baseball stadium.

Going into this episode I was quite interested to see what might happen. Having Nick killed off last week was quite a shock and to be honest I wasn’t really sure I liked it all that much. But I understand Frank Dillane wanted out, so I guess there’s not much the writers can do. With this week, I wasn’t really sure what to really expect, but it seems we’ll still be seeing Frank Dillane this season, but only through flashbacks up until where we know he died.

There’s massive gaps in the timeline to be filled this season, so I think this flashback style of storytelling is likely to run all the way through to either the mid-season area, or quite possibly they might run with it for the whole season. Either way, we’re basically experiencing two plots at the same time. One in the present with Alicia’s group looking to take revenge on the Vultures and one where Madison is trying to maintain her hold over the settlement at the baseball field. For now it seems well balanced and I hope it stays that way all season and doesn’t get too hard to follow. I guess the different filters they put on the episodes help to differentiate it at least.

This week we see Victor Strand become quite active. As we know, this is the character that always has a plan B. I’ve not really said much about him this season, but I was a little surprised that he was doing so little with the Vultures outside his camp. We do learn, he wasn’t fully doing nothing, but was storing food in case of an emergency, I guess to help himself or a few lucky survivors should things go bad. But with how his character ended in season 3 and how badly his scheming went on back then, with him being saved by Madison, he’s sort of given up on his scheming ways. He almost goes back to it with his food stores, but confesses and then gives the food to everyone at the camp. I suppose the character is a little conflicted and we see at the end of the episode that Strand regrets going against his instincts. We don’t yet know why, but something went wrong there with Madison and the camp.

Alicia also got up to quite a lot of things in this episode. She had an adventure out in a water park where her and Naomi encountered quite a bit of walkers and needed to fight to survive. It was a good scene and we got to know Naomi a little as well. Alicia knows the baseball camp seems a little doomed. but her and Naomi decide to support Madison in staying rather than convincing her to leave. As we saw with Strand at the end of the episode, there’s some regret from Alicia about what happened and her decision to say nothing to Madison. But we also learn that Naomi is dead! So that’s a pretty big thing too, I guess that’s a character we won’t see much of either and only through flashbacks as well.

Apart from these two big character reveals from Alicia and Strand, there’s nothing too big out of this episode. We do see a small burial scene for Nick. But it’s rather quick actually and the characters do not spend that much time putting him to rest. It’s actually Morgan who pushes them all to do it, otherwise maybe they wouldn’t have done it? Overall this was a pretty good episode, but I’m hoping that next week sees us find out what went wrong at the baseball stadium and I’m hoping for it to be pretty action packed. Whether or not it will happen, I don’t know, but looking at where the plot is heading, something seems to certainly have gone down at the stadium and we know that at least Naomi is dead. But what that was, I’m not sure, but I’m excited to see it.

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