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Geostorm Review

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Geostorm Review – Spoiler Free

Geostorm is a film which comes directed by Dean Devlin who also wrote the film with the help of Paul Guyot. The film stars Gerard Butler, Jim Sturgess, Abbie Cornish, Ed Harris and Andy Garcia.

The film is about a world where the weather is controlled by satelites. But something is going wrong with them and the result of that could mean that a massive and lethal geostorm could occur all around the planet which could kill everyone if it gets out of control.

When I first heard of the film and saw a few of the initial trailers, I wasn’t sure I wanted to see it. It looked to me like another environmental film and while natural disasters do make for great special effects, they’re not the best for storytelling. But Geostorm did bring with it some great cast members and being a Gerard Butler fan, I just had to go along to see what it was like.

The story in this is okay, it is as you would think. The satelites are going bad and someone (Gerard Butler’s Jake) has to go up into space and fix it all. There’s some interesting ideas in this about countries working together to save the planet and the satelites are massively multicultral with people from all parts of the world having jobs there. Unfortunately the world isn’t the place of dreams and instead there is a sinister force on the loose and they’re sabotaging all that has been built. It’s the mystery of the film to uncover who it is.

Gerard Butler plays Jake in Geostorm - Geostorm Review

Gerard Butler plays Jake in Geostorm – Geostorm Review

While the story is interesting, it didn’t really maintain my focus all that well. The film has frequent jumps between many characters who were difficult to keep track of. While I don’t mind knowing what minor characters are up to such as Abbie Cornish’s Sarah and her relationship situation, I would have preferred more focus on Gerard Butler’s character, who got a bit lost in it all at times.

The special effects are decent, I don’t think this is in any way meant to be a AAA blockbuster, but for what it is and what it delivers in terms of weather effects and explosions, you get what you need from it. Some effects are maybe a little over the top, but they did destroy quite  few famous landmarks during the film.

Overall Geostorm is an interesting film which delivers on the special effects and the action side quite well. It has a nicely chosen cast who do help the make the film entertaining. I would have preferred to have more screen time for Gerard Butler who got a bit lost at times and I think it would have helped to keep the plot more engaging. There were just way too many characters to keep track of. Geostorm is a good choice on a cinema discount day or as a rental later in the year.

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