Mission Impossible Rogue Nation Review


Mission Impossible Rogue Nation Review

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Mission Impossible Rogue Nation is a film which is directed by Christopher McQuarrie who some may know for his directorial work on the film Jack Reacher (2012)Mission Impossible Rogue Nation stars Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson, Simon Pegg, Jeremy Renner,  Alec Baldwin, Ving Rhames and Sean Harris. In this film, Ethan Hunt must take on a very dangerous organisation known as the “Syndicate”, who want nothing more than to take down the IMF.

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Mission Impossible Rogue Nation Review

As the fifth film in a series of Mission Impossible films, one might be expecting things to be unraveling quite a bit for this franchise now, but there aren’t many signs of that happening at all with Mission Impossible Rogue Nation. The film is quite entertaining and satisfying all the way through from the beginning until the end of its run time.

The action sequences are likely what most people will be going in to see this for and I have to say they are all quite well done. Looking back at the big blockbuster films which were released earlier this year, I think this is one of the better action films of the lot. Although Rogue Nation nowhere near the level of Mad Max: Fury Road when it comes to its action scenes, it’s still one of the standout films this year. Rogue Nation is made further enjoyable because a lot of the sequences were done practically rather than with CGI, which is always good to see. With Tom Cruise performing quite a lot of the stunts himself, including the plane scene and the underwater scene, which were some of the highlights of the film.

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation is not all perfect though, when it comes to the directing from Christopher McQuarrie, things are well pace and flow very well. But it seemed to me that the film was very highly edited, with the camera angles changing far too often and I just wanted things to stay still. The script isn’t bad, although I do wonder how many times the word “IMF” was mentioned throughout this movie because it seemed the writers were trying to make sure that we wouldn’t forget it.

The actors are great in this and Tom Cruise is as entertaining as ever. Rebecca Ferguson who is new to the franchise and plays a female spy called Ilsa, did very well with her role and in all the stunts she performed. Alec Baldwin had some funny moments and Sean Harris was an excellent villain. However, those wanting to see Jeremy Renner and Ving Rhames may find themselves a bit disappointed to know that those two are barely in the film and have only a few minutes of screen time throughout it.

The overall storyline that we get with this film holds up well when looking at the main plot of taking down the Syndicate. However, it seemed to me that Jeremy Renner’s and Ving Rhames’ characters were just slotted in because they were in previous films and didn’t really do all that much in this, it may have been better to leave them and their stories out entirely. But the dynamic between Tom Cruise (Ethan Hunt), Ilsa (Rebecca Ferguson) and Simon Pegg (Benji Dunn) was the true heart of the film and it’s when these three are together that Mission Impossible Rogue Nation was at its most interesting. In terms of the villain (Sean Harris), he was very good and had just the right voice for the role, but Sean Harris maybe needed more time on screen to sell his performance a bit better and also so we could know about his character a bit more, as I still don’t really understand what his motivations were.

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation | Clip: “Shoes, Please”

Going into this film I had some high expectations about it as the last two in the series were ones that I really enjoyed. Coming out of this, I still felt that I enjoyed that last two a bit more than this one, but Mission Impossible Rogue Nation was still quite good. It has a few points that let it down such as the camera angles being changed too often as well as quite a few characters and actors (Jeremy Renner/Ving Rhames) being completely wasted. But Mission Impossible Rogue Nation makes up for that with some well done realistic action scenes. The film also has some great acting, Tom Cruise is as enjoyable as ever and Rebecca Ferguson pulled off a very convincing performance as a spy. Throw in a few jokes here and there from each of the characters and add in Simon Pegg’s comedic timing and you have yet again, another fairly entertaining and quite fun Mission Impossible film to watch at the cinema.

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