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NBA 2K18 Review

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NBA 2K18 is the latest in the series of Basketball games from 2K. Like last year’s 2K17 and the previous year’s 2K16 this game allows you to play with any of the greatest and best NBA teams in the league. All players have been updated for this year and fans will take joy in winning games with their favourites. The game is available on a variety of platforms including the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and also PC.

Having played now 3 of the NBA 2K games in a row now, I’ve come to know this series quite well and fans or long time regulars would likely know what to expect out of this. If you played last year’s 2K17, which was a very good game, what you’ll get here with NBA2K18 is a similar great experience. Is it worth upgrading though? I’m not too sure, I’d put it down to how much of an NBA fan you are. Although I do feel that if you skipped out on NBA2k17 and are holding on still to NBA2K16 or older, then this may be worth taking a look at.

Just like in the series in the past. The game features a my career mode where you will get to take control of a player’s career and work your way up the NBA career tract. This is probably the best feature of the game and it’s fun going through the NBA career and seeing how things in the industry work. You can also see, that while it is an interesting lifestyle, being able to perform each and every week does bring with it some certain pressure on the players. Especially when you aren’t playing too well and you hear commentators talking badly about your plays which wouldn’t feel too great for anyone. When you are doing well though and winning, everything is great.

There are quite a lot of character customisation options. If you’re into creating different player appearances by editing their eyebrows, hair colours, eyes, head shapes etc then this section will keep you busy for a while. You can also edit things like the player height and also pick your player’s number for their shirt. It’s important I find to make a character you like looking at because you’re going to spend a lot of time with them during the career mode.

Apart from the my career mode, my favourite section is simply the arcade one. Sometimes I just like to pick some of my favourite NBA teams and play 1 or 2 games and then come back to it maybe the next day or when I’ve got some spare time. This game mode has everything I like about NBA2k18 in there. It’s got the half time shows, the commentator videos, loud music and big special effects for the games. This year I thought quite a few of the half time show action sequences were particularly good and brought a ‘happy and fun’ vibe to every game.

The music like in many of the previous years is well chosen. I feel with these basketball games and with most sport games in general, the atmosphere of the game is an important aspect and whether it’s with music or with crowd sounds or even to a certain extent, the commentators. All these play a big part into the entertainment experience of the game. NBA2k18 does this perfectly, There are some great tracks included in the soundtrack such as Feel It – GTA & What So Not feat. Tunji Ige, Stand Back – PnB Rock / A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Deep End (Tarro Remix) – They and Living Like Khaled – Cousin Stizz as well as many more. All these seem well chosen for the tone and feel of what NBA2k18 is meant to be and I think this is what the fan base likes and wants for their game.

Overall NBA2k18 is a great choice for any fan of the NBA this year to play. While it may not be an essential purchase for those who still are enjoying last year’s title, if you missed out on that one then this one is worth taking a look at. It has a nice ‘fun’ atmosphere to every game and the my career mode as well as the arcade style select a team modes are the highlights of this title. It’s a lot of fun to play with your favourite teams and for those aficionados out there, this is everything they could want.

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